Electric fireplace designs for a cozy modern interior

by Kremy

electric fireplace inserts contemporary living room design

Electric fireplaces are slowly but steadily replacing the classic wood-burning fireplaces. Before you buy an electric fireplace, it is worth to pay a special attention so that you pick the most appropriate option for your apartment. The variety modern designs features decorative elements like stone, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics or marble. When selecting the heating elements, it is necessary to take into account the presence of additional options – light music, aromatherapy, heat sensors, etc, etc.

Electric fireplace – what are the pros

white electric fireplace inserts flame effect contemporary living room furniture


To begin with – installing a wood-burning fireplace in urban apartments requires a lot of time and cost to obtain all the necessary documents and hire a qualified specialist who can mount the fireplace. There is no doubt that the smell of wood and live flames create a cozy and impressive atmosphere but for safety reasons many people abandon the idea of a classic one and opt for an electric fireplace. The installation process is less complex and there is no need of a hood, ventilation equipment or any other equipment. All you need for the functioning of your fireplace is an electrical outlet and you can enjoy the beautiful flames. Electric fireplaces are easy to operate as most models operate in two modes – unheated and heated imitation fire which allows you to enjoy the view of burning flames even in summer time. The low power consumption is another great advantage of electric fireplaces. Other advantages are the long life, rust resistance, lower price, etc, etc

Cons of electric fireplaces

White electric fireplace advantages disadvantages

One of the biggest cons of electric fireplaces, if any, is that many people find their appearance artificial. The flames are created by orange and red lights that shine through plastic logs. If you are a fan of authentic fire the appearance of the flames may not meet your aesthetic requirements. You should, of course, expect an increase in your electricity bill, no matter that the consumption is relatively low. An electric fireplace cannot operate without electricity which means that in case of power failure it will stop working.

wall mount flame effect contemporary living room design ideas

Electric fireplaces can be used to create the illusion of fire with or without heating and some of them have a climate control functions. Also, many models have the option of sound, which is used to create a more complete sense of a real burning fire. The fireplaces are quite safe as there is no fire hazard. You can calmly set it in the center of your home, so you have an opportunity to enjoy the view of the burning flame, listening to the crackle of wood and feel the warmth.

 An awesome stainless steel fireplace surround in a modern interior

Stainless steel contemporary home interior


 Electric fireplaces can be installed in any room

Contemporary office electric fireplace insert conference room

 Contemporary living room in minimalist style with magnificent fireplace

modern living room electric fireplace design ideas

 An inviting and cozy atmosphere in the living room

modern home interior electric fireplace design ideas

 The fireplace is the focal point in the dining room

modern electric fireplace inserts rocks flames dining room ideas

A fireplace adds to the ambience of any room

modern fireplace with electric fireplace inserts contemporary interior design

Modern fireplace with TV stand

electric fireplace tv stand minimalist living room interior design

modern home fireplace ideas electric insert

modern living room interior ideas

modern insert ideas modern apartment design

modern electric design living room fireplace ideas

blue wall modern living room

electric fireplaces pros cons modern living room design

electric fireplaces insert modern design ideas contemporary home interior

inserts minimalist iving room design

living room fireplace ideas home decoration

flame effect living room design

insert flame effect bedroom design ideas

insert contemporary kitchen red wall black white flooring

heater modern home design

cool modern interior fireplace design ideas



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