Gas fireplace design – 25 ideas for a cozy ambiance

ventless gas fireplace modern home interior design

A gas fireplace looks pretty much like an electric one and can imitate a wood burning fireplace quite successfully. When sitting in front of the fireplace it is difficult to guess whether it works on gas or electricity. The difference between these two types is the system which is installed to provide burning. The burner is encased in a cast iron body with fire-resistant glass and the fireplace creates an illusion of burning wood logs or coals which are made heat-resistant ceramics.

 Gas fireplace with modern design as a decorative element in the interior

stunning fireplace design massive rock modern home interior design

It is in man’s nature to crave for warmth and peaceful relax beside the fire. The mystic power of fire is captured in gorgeous gas fireplace designs which not only make this dream true for many people, but become a stylish decorative element in the home. Modern fireplaces are equipped with a temperature control system of combustion, safety sensors for pressure, leakage or other problems. Some designs feature a chimney while others are ventless and gain a great popularity as the vent free gas fireplaces offer greater flexibility and are relatively easy to install in any room. Ventless fireplaces which work on gas are based on indoor air for combustion, and they exhaust a very low level of combustion gases into the room. Freestanding fireplaces are usually ventless .

 The advantages of a gas fireplace

small decorative fireplace red wall white furniture

Contemporary gas fireplace designs provide a high level of security as the regulations are very strict. The fuel is relatively cheap and if you are connected to a central gas supply system you do not need to have a storage space for logs or coals. The maintenance is practically zero, as you do not need to clean the ashes and coals or clean the chimney. The level of security is because all the processes are controlled automatically and in addition to that there are no open flames or sparks which usually lead to a fire. These fireplaces are cost effective in terms of fuel consumption too. Last but not least – they are easy to install and operate.

modern ventless gas fireplaces ideas decorative wall built in lighting

gas fireplace inserts minimalist living room interior design

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modern living room design idea two sided corner fireplace

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modern gas fireplace designs stylish living room interior

modern gas fireplace design ideas modern apartment interior

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gas fireplaces contemporary wallmounted fireplace minimalist living room

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two sides fireplace ideas

gas fireplace insert contemporary living room red sofas

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