Buffet table decorating ideas – how to set elegant arrangements

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A buffet table describes a piece of furniture for the dining room or a method of serving food to our guests and they can freely choose food and drinks, serve themselves and cutlery is usually just a fork. These tables are perfect for home parties, business gatherings, birthday celebrations or weddings.

lunch buffet table ideas thanksgiving table decorating ideas

If you have decided to add a buffet table to your dining room, you may be surprised by the variety of designs and styles. Such a table is greatly functional as a furniture piece because it gives you the freedom to go away from formality and serve your food in spectacular way. In addition to that these side tables can add significantly to the interior and the atmosphere in your dining area.

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Depending on the occasion you may need some additional tables and chairs for your guests to eat their food as the buffet is a secondary or side table. You can organize table in a buffet style for breakfast, for example, for dinner, just for appetizers or desserts.

awesome round table lunch buffet outdoor buffet ideas

Organizing a buffet for a formal gathering is not an easy task. It requires some skills and knowledge. Etiquette requires to follow certain rules and takes into account the shape and arrangement of the tables, the order of their placement, design, dishes, appetizers, etc, etc. If you organize a home party, however, you can avoid all the rules as your party would be much more informal. Try to set the table in a way that it does not block the free movement of guests. Think vertically – use tiered cake plates and dessert servers. The highest serving dish should be placed in the center of the table. Cutlery should be placed at the end of the table, so that your guests’ hands are not blocked while serving themselves. Think of some table decoration, but try not to overdo it as the main decoration of a buffet table is the food. Look at the gallery below and see wonderful examples of round table lunch buffet, outdoor tables and elegant decorations.

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