Vessel sinks are the hot trend in bathroom design

by Kremy

Glass vessel sinks minimalist bathroom design

Vessel sinks combine form and function and are a top choice in modern bathroom design. You will see them in many restaurants or public places but more and more homeowners prefer this type of sink at their houses. There are people who find such designs too trendy but many of us find then cool and believe that they add a touch of luxury and elegance in bathrooms. We have collected examples of glamorous designs to illustrate how they can fit in various interiors.

 Vessel sinks types – practical or not?

fabulous stone vessel sinks design modern vessel sink faucets


A vessel sink makes a statement in your bathroom. It is not there by accident. It is meant to be an element of your interior. The two basic types of vessel sinks differ in installation. They can be installed above the counter or with recessed installation. The above counter installation is the most popular one – the sink basin sits completely on top of the counter or vanity without visible plumbing. The recessed installation features a greater stability, as the sink basin lies in a hole which is bigger than the drain hole, but smaller than the overall diameter of the sink.

Advantages of vessel sinks

contemporary white bathroom design vessel sink vanity storage drawers

The main reason for having a vessel sink is the uniqueness of their appearance. They give the interior a modern look and are the “wow” factor in the bathroom. The easy installation is also a great advantage which also means that these sinks are easily replaceable. The fact that they are available in a variety of materials and styles makes them versatile and design friendly. Glass vessel sinks look spectacularly fragile and at the same time really modern. The rustic beauty of stone vessel sinks adds a natural touch to the bathroom, while the warm shine of the copper ones changes the ambience of your bathroom.

vessel sink vanity rustic bathroom design wood

Vessel sinks are a space saving solution suitable for small bathrooms. They can be installed in the corner or as a pedestal sink and if the space is not enough for a vanity unit, you can always arrange a set of shelves. Many people take advantage of the opportunity not only to make a statement in their bathroom decor but free additional space which makes vessel sinks so popular. The functionality of this type of sinks has proven over time and with oval or round shapes, their compactness and clean lines are a complement for any design style and bathroom interior.

 Modern bathroom design

bathroom furniture design white ceramic vessel sinks vanity sinks mirrors wall sconces


Antique style bathroom

vessel sink antique mirror vanity unique bathroom designs

Copper adds a warm glow in the interior

bathroom design ideas vessel sink vanity copper bucket

Natural material

unique bathroom designs polished nickel wall mount faucet stone

 Wood and stone – a winning combination

Rustic wood stone vessel sink framed mirror

 Elegant glass sink

glass vessel sinks contemporary bathroom design ideas

Corner vanity

corner vanity design ideas

natural stone vessel sinks marble sink renovation ideas

mounted stone modern faucet contemporary bathrooms

modern design idea black stone vessel sink white countertop

Modern bathroom design ceramic mirror cabinets vanity with storage

glass vessel sinks wood vanity design ideas

bathroom design stainless steel black vanity

copper white bathroom furniture vessel sink faucets

copper designs rustic style creative wall sconces

copper vessel sink framed mirror wall sconces rustic

design ideas glass black vanity

contemporary bathroom furniture design ideas

vanity wood copper framed mirror floor tiles

ideas vintage style stone vessel sink decorative wall sconces

 wood double bathroom vanity wall mount faucets

Bathroom accessories glass wood vanity



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