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Wine cabinet – the advantages of having a wine cooler at home

Wine cabinet – the advantages of having a wine cooler at home

by Kremy

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Wine cabinet – why do I need a special cooler for storing wine? Is it not possible to store the it in an ordinary fridge? Well, if you are passionate about both the food and its preparation, you most likely are not indifferent to the wines. Most wine lovers have large collections of selected wines which they bought from manufacturers or from abroad and the question of investing in a proper storage comes up.

Wine cabinet designs and where is best to place it?

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Not all of us have a private cellar so we need to look at alternative options. To create all the conditions for preserving and storing wine French winemakers invented the wine cabinet. Different wines need different conditions and of course, different temperatures. We are not going to get into detail of the production process. We shall give you some advice how to store your wine at home. A cooler cabinet is a great alternative to the cellar in the city. There are many designs which you can incorporate in your kitchen, or the kitchen island or separate racks.

 Basic features of wine cabinets

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It is always advisable to get professional advice from experts when you plan to buy such item. We shall point out some of the basic features of wine cabinets so that you have an idea what is best for your collection. First and very important feature of wine cabinets is the temperature – the best one is from 10 to 14 degrees as it is considered suitable for long-term preservation of all types of wine. There are models of cabinets with specific separation of cupboard space in different climatic zones for different types. They are more costly but worth the investment. Cabinets must protect the wine from oxidation. That is why the bottles must be lying or positioned at an angle. Absence of light and moisture light accelerates oxidation processes and significantly degrades the quality of and that is the reason why bottles are made of dark glass. Moisture should be around 70-85%. Lack of vibration – any, even the smallest vibration can affect the wine. Quality cabinets must be equipped with a compressor-type suspension system that prevents vibrations.

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Enjoy good quality beverages

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 Incorporate your cabinets in the kitchen island

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modern wine cabinet design ideas modern home furniture

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Home cellar ideas  coolers

Dining room furniture ideas modern storage

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Contemporary living room glass doors

Contemporary kitchen design cooler cabinet

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