Original Boho Christmas Decor Ideas That Combine Chic and Freedom

by Kremy

Appearing in the 90s of the last century, the boho style quickly conquered the hearts and minds of many. The style synthesizes many trends characteristic of different times: eclecticism, folk, and so on. You can also notice some notes of gypsy culture. It is a preferred interior design concept and a décor trend that is not losing its appeal.

Original Boho Christmas Decor Ideas That Combine Chic and Freedom

Boho style combines chic and simplicity at the same time. It symbolizes complete freedom. Very often it is described as a mix of modern and Scandinavian-chic that has a warm and earthy feel. We selected some of the most interesting boho Christmas decor ideas that combine chic and freedom, rich colors and delicate shades, handicrafts and natural materials.

How Can You Decorate Your Home in Boho Style for Christmas?

How Can You Decorate Your Home in Boho Style for Christmas


Are you looking for new, original and unusual way to decorate your home for the holidays? If you are attracted to this amazing style, you will definitely love these Boho Christmas Decor Ideas!

The main feature of Bohemian style is the contrasting combinations of colors pleasing to the eye, as well as the use of pastel colors to harmonize bright shades with each other. However, the Boho chic line gravitates towards nature and instead of bright colors, the palette features neutral and earthy shades. Layering is another feature characteristic for Boho style – the use of small and large details, accent elements, vintage items and dream catchers are often used to decorate the interior. How to create a beautiful Boho Christmas decoration at home? Here are some simple rules to follow:

Boho Christmas decorating ideas handmade ornaments

Use natural materials – fresh cut pine, dried pampas, wood logs, dried orange slices, pine cones, etc. Wood accents are great for Boho Christmas decoration. Wood beaded garlands have a special charm and add warmth to the festive decor.

creative christmas decor ideas in boho style

Go for neutral or warm colors – Bohemian Christmas decor with a lot of beige, browns, tans and greys looks artistic and at the same time, elegant and chic. If you prefer a warmer palette, orange, burgundy or yellow will add a vibrant vibe to the Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Boho Christmas Ideas stockings on ladder

Combine different textures – leather, faux fur, macrame, jute and knitted fabrics – all these enhance the Boho feel.

handmade macrame boho christmas tree ornaments

Use vintage and handmade decorations – vintage ornaments are unique and create a nostalgic feeling. Handmade decorative elements are typical for the style, so do not hesitate to look for interesting craft projects.

Boho Christmas Tree Decorations

Boho Christmas Tree Decorations crochet ornaments

Whether you have a large, lush natural tree or a few coniferous branches in a vase or you decided to use a houseplant – it doesn’t matter. Those who prefer alternative Christmas trees have many options to choose from – a ladder Christmas tree, wall Christmas tree, wooden Christmas trees, pallet Christmas trees, etc. What is important is that your Boho Christmas tree decorations are gorgeous, bright and impressive.

Boho Christmas ideas home decor tips

Boho does not require symmetry, color matching or style. Break the rules and combine vintage glass toys with fur pom-poms. Mix and match ornaments from your grandmother’s chest, large baubles, garlands, paper chains, pom-poms and bright lights, etc. You can make unique tree ornaments yourself – macramé and crochet ornaments always look fabulous, you can weave little dream catchers with feathers, large fluffy bows, dried citrus slices and cinnamon sticks, paper and textile flowers, etc.

Boho Christmas Decor Ideas –  the Wreath

boho christmas decorating ideas macrame wreath

The wreath is one of the symbols of Christmas. Traditionally it is round, made from coniferous twigs, but you can make your own wreath with a different shape – square, triangular and use a variety of materials – from burlap to deco mesh. The main thing is that it speaks of your hospitality, joy and goodwill.

Boho Christmas Decor Ideas – Tree Skirt and Gift Wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping with natural materials

A handmade or a self-knitted skirt, or a real patchwork quilt can be laid under the Christmas tree. Wrap your Christmas gift in Japanese style, use natural materials and bohemian style decorations.

boho Christmas tree and home decor ideas

In conclusion, we can say that Boho style is a continuation of nature itself. That is why, when you plan your Christmas decorations, it is better to use natural materials, neutral or warm colors and a variety of textures. In this way you will create original compositions and decorative elements with unique Boho character.


bohemian Christmas ideas decor ornaments

Boho Christmas decor ideas natural materials and neutral colors

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