30 Green Nail Art Ideas for a Top Fall-Winter 2023/2024 Manicure

by Kristiyana

What colour nail polish should you choose this fall to beautify your hands and give them a sophisticated touch? I have the answer right here. Are you ready? It’s green! Dark, light, or accompanied by other shades, this refined colour takes over our nails in fall-winter 2023/2024, and it has everything to please you. So, why choose green nail art ideas? Which are the most trendy designs? I will answer all your questions and reveal a gallery full of inspiration! Right this way.

Why Go for Green Nail Art Ideas This Fall-Winter 2023/2024?

emerald green nail art ideas on short nails manicure for fall winter 2023 2024

I admit it: green was not always my favourite colour, but lately, it has certainly been winning my sympathies. Although it’s quite a bold nail polish choice, it’s actually super easy to adopt. Thanks to the wide range of shades available, you can easily and quickly find the one that best suits your style, your outfit, or a given occasion. A second good reason to take the plunge: green embodies nature and is associated with end-of-the-year celebrations. In particular, it is the deeper shades that go best for the fall-winter season.

Finally, the third piece of good news that I can’t wait to tell you: green is the Pantone colour for fall 2023, more specifically Kate Spade Green. Certainly, a manicure to adopt with your eyes closed!

Green Nail Art Ideas 2023/2024: Which Patterns & Combinations to Choose?

green and white nail art on almond nails swirl nails


Whether it’s geometric, abstract nail art, a French manicure design, with a matte or shiny finish, glittery or marbled… this nail art design knows no limits! All kinds of ideas are allowed. You can even combine it with the trendy pumpkin manicure, which is causing a sensation this fall 2023. Only one constraint: white nail polish does not go with many colours. Among the most famous combinations, I cite white, gold and silver. However, you can always do a manicure in shades of green! Finally, I emphasize that this nail art can be worn with all nail shapes and lengths.

Green Nail Art Ideas for a Top Fall-Winter 2023/2024 Manicure!

autumn nail art ideas french manicure trend in green

A green nail art with a very delicate shiny finish

nail art trend 2023 deco green nails elegant design

Nail decoration idea with abstract effect on short nails

abstract green nail art on short nails

Grass green as a nail art trend for 2023

light green nail art manicure trends fall 2023

No matter the colour, the cat eye manicure never goes out of style

emerald green nail art idea cat eye long almond nails

Dark green nail art enlivened with silver touches

emerald green nail art with silver glitter

The green French manicure is a dare to wear this season

green nail art with white french tip manicure fall 2023

Green and white nail art with gold accents

green and white nail art on short nails

Festive nail decoration idea to celebrate the end-of-the-year holidays

green nail art ideas 2023 with gold for a festive winter manicure

The marbled effect is still in fashion!

dark green nail art with marble effect on long almond shaped nails

How about adding a little texture to your nails?

dark green nail art with textured effect

Short square nails hosting THE 2023 nail trend

green nail art ideas for short nails in autumn 2023 nail trends

A geometric pattern combined with a colourful French manicure

green nail art geometric design french manicure

Fall 2023 manicure idea to connect you with nature

green nail art inspired by nature mushroom manicure on short nails

Different shades of green for a dynamic nail art design

 green nail art manicure fall winter 2023 2024

A deep cat-eye shade on short nails

green nail art cat eye short nails

The pumpkin manicure is ideal for celebrating fall

nail art olive green matte manicure pumpkin

Olive green on short nails looks very sophisticated

olive green nail art on short nails

The stiletto shape is not so practical, but it is very elegant

olive green nail art on long stiletto nails

Fall 2023 nail art idea mixing green and gold

nail trend 2023 green nail art ideas with gold festive manicure

Unstructured and refined French manicure

french manicure green colour trend nail 2023

A nice contrast between gold and matte green

manicure fall 2023 nail art green matte dark accents

Long square nails embellished with a pretty autumnal pattern

manicure fall 2023 nail art green on square nails
Swirl nails combine different shades and still continue to create a buzz in 2023

manicure fall winter 2023 2024 green nail art idea abstract swirl nails

Matte green French manicure on faux nails

french manicure in matte green fake nails

Emerald green cat-eye nail art that flatters almond-shaped nails

cat's eye manicure green nail art ideas trend 2023

The famous Glazed Donut Nails also take on green shades

manicure green nail art glazed donut nails long nails almond

Fall-winter 2023/2024 manicure idea to adopt with your eyes closed

green nail art ideas for long stiletto nails fall 2023 trends

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