Pumpkin Nails 2023: The Autumnal Cozy Designs Are Here!

by Gabby

We are yet again to welcome another season when the leafs are golden, and the pumpkin spice latte is the most ordered drink. Fall is the coziest season with the cutest outfits and the best time to watch the Gilmore girls. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t think about the new trendy ways to do our manicure with style. What are the pumpkin nails that will make you look cute? What are the TOP autumnal designs to try out?

Pumpkin Nails 2023: The Autumnal Cozy Designs Are Here!

pumpkin french tip nails 2023 orange cute almond shaped

Pumpkins are definitely the symbol for the Fall season. Their orange color, cute shape and delicious taste are not the only things that we love them for. As you know, the Spooky season is also officially here, and pumpkin lanterns will be everywhere! And let’s not forget about the drink that we all wait for every year – pumpkin spice latte! This Fall, our suggestion for you is to be in sync with the season and get yourselves pumpkin manicure that will make you feel and look absolutely cute! The best thing about the nail designs is that they can be made spooky, girly or even elegant, depending on your taste. Now, let’s go ahead and check out some of the TOP ideas in 2023!

Halloween Pumpkin Nails

halloween pumpkin nails 2023 orange almond shaped black


Halloween is just a few weeks away and if you are excited as much as we are, you are going to need some inspiration for a new manicure! We have to mentioned that doing one hand different from the other will be a total hit in 2023 and in 2024 as well. This Halloween pumpkin nail design is one of our TOP favorites, because of the decoration, colors and the attention to the details. See how the pumpkins are inside each flower. The accent of the manicure is the orange pumpkin shade that looks delicious and rich.

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Pink Pumpkin Nails

pink pumpkin french tip nails almond shaped

For the ladies that prefer something girly and flirty for the Spooky season, we have something for you as well! These pink pumpkin French tip nails are the perfect Barbiecore Halloween manicure. The flower decoration on the pumpkins is the cherry on top. This is what makes this manicure so cute! If you want more minimalistic effect, you can do the pumpkins smaller and without flowers.

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Cute Fall Pumpkin Nails

cute fall pumpkin nails sweater manicure ideas

Yes, the sweater-weather is the coziest time! And if you are in love with the Fall atmosphere, you can do sweater nails with pumpkin decoration. The colors of this nail art in particular are certainly some of the trendiest for this season. The grey and the orange are the best shade combo and it looks good on everyone. We highly recommend doing square or almond shape for this design.

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Easy Pumpkin Nails Tutorial for Beginners at Home

This is for the girlies that don’t have the time to run to the salon this month! This is the easiest pumpkin nails tutorial out and for only 3 minutes you can have a trendy fresh new manicure. All you are going to need is 4 different colors – one for the base and three for the pumpkins. You don’t have to use the same colors as shown on the video. You can pick any 4 that you like and start the tutorial.

  • Clean your nails really well and your cuticles as well.
  • Apply the base color. We recommend going for a milky white nail polish or something deeper to make the orange stand out.
  • Make a heart shape as shown on the video and then do the pumpkin lines. With a darker brown shade do the stem.
  • Apply a top coat and you are ready to go!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Nails

pumpkin spice latte nails 2023

The pumpkin spice latte can certainly feel like Fall in a cup! It is delicious, spicy, creamy and full of flavors. That’s why it is so many people’s favorite drink to have during this time of the year. If you are obsessed with the hot beverage, you can show that with your nails and do pumpkin spice latte nails that are all over the Internet right now!

Now, go ahead and check out the rest of the pumpkin nail design ideas that we have prepared for you. We promise that there is something for every taste out there and you will get inspired!

Pumpkin Nail Design Ideas 2023

cute almond shaped matte pumpkin nails for halloween

Abstract Pumpkin Nail Art

abstract pumpkin nails with matte nail polish

Cute Purple Matte Halloween Pumpkin Nails

almond shaped purple halloween pumpkin nails

Long Orange Stiletto Pumpkin Nails

long orange pumpkin nails 2023 stiletto

Orange Pumpkin French Tip Nails

orange pumpkin french tip nails

Short Matte Pumpkin Nails in Autumn Colors

short matte pumpkin nails

Simple Cute Almond Shaped Halloween Pumpkin Nails

simple halloween pumpkin nails almond shaped

Short Almond Shaped Pumpkin Orange Nails

short almond pumpkin nails

Black and Orange Halloween Pumpkin Nails

halloween pumpkin nails 2023 short almond shaped

Cute Autumn Nail Design with Pumpkins and Different Decorations

cute pumpkin nail art for fall season trends manicure design 2023

Golden Nail Designs with Pumpkins

sweater pumpkin nails 2023 fall october trends manicure

White Pumpkin French Tip Nails

white french tip pumpkin nails square shape

Halloween Pumpkin Nails with White, Black and Orange

fall nails 2023 halloween pumpkin design ideas

White Chrome French Tip Pumpkin Nails

white chrome pumpkin french tip nails 2023

Square Shaped Fall Pumpkin Nails

fall nail trends 2023 pumpkin manicure square

Lavender Glitter Pumpkin Nails

glitter lavender chrome pumpkin nails

Square Shaped Orange Cute Pumpkin Nails

cute halloween orange pumpkin nails with ghosts

Trendy Pumpkin Nails Almond Shaped 2023

fall manicure designs pumpkin nails with orange almond shaped

Simple Pumpkin Nails for Women Over 50

simple pumpkin nails for women over 50

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