20+ Simple Halloween Nails That Are Trending in 2023 and Will Get You into a Spooky Mood

by Kremy

You just cannot miss the most original simple Halloween nails! Yes, the trending Halloween nail designs for 2023 are based on simplicity. You wonder is that even possible? Sure it is!

simple halloween nails that are trending in 2023 and will get you into a spooky mood

What is the most fashionable manicure for Halloween 2023, which will complete your look? Have you selected your costume and makeup? There is no need to say that your nail design for Halloween should work with the overall look and at the same time take into account the new trends and techniques of nail-art design of the coming season 2023-2024.

Simple Halloween Nails 2023 Ideas and Trends

simple halloween nails 2023 trends


What is the trendy Halloween manicure? The good news is that there is no shortage of ideas and there is something for every taste and style. In the photo gallery you will find surprising and exciting examples of fashionable nail design for Halloween. You can choose any theme depend on your personal preferences. Let’s look at the trending simple Halloween nails 2023!

Simple Pumpkin Themed Nails

simple halloween nails pumpkin and polka dot themed nails

Pumpkins are one of the most well-known and used symbols to celebrate this holiday and can’t be missing from Halloween nail designs. Moreover, orange is one of the most popular fall nail colors. You can use stickers, stamps or simply draw a pumpkin on one (or all) nails and for extra glam, add some glitter!

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Vampire Nail Art

vampire nail art simple halloween nail design ideas

These simple Halloween nails are perfect to combine with vampire makeup. You only need white and red nail polish. The nail art is ideal for pointed nails but you can also create them using just two stiletto-shaped false nails to apply on the little finger and index finger. Then apply matte white nail polish on all the nails and paint the blood with red and shiny nail polish only on the tips of the false nails.

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Simple Halloween Nails: Skeletons for a Spooky Look

simple halloween nails skeletons for a spooky look

Have you ever thought about creating nail art inspired by skeletons? The result will be truly surprising. Apply black nail polish over the entire nail, then use white nail polish to draw bones.

Spider Web Halloween Nail Art

spider web halloween nail art trendy french tip nails

Cobwebs cannot be missing on the night of October 31st. This is an easy DIY nail art and there are many simple designs to choose from. You can paint your nails in black and draw the cobwebs with white nail polish using a fine brush, or use the colors in reverse: white base and black cobwebs. To make a cobweb, simply draw diagonal lines starting from a corner of the nail, then connect them one to the other horizontally with slightly curved lines.

Dripping Blood Halloween Nails

dripping blood halloween nails easy diy desings

It’s not Halloween without fake blood, even on your nails! To create dripping blood Halloween nails, apply a base coat then make the dripping blood with red nail polish. This Halloween nail design looks equally “spooky” with black or white base coat and is suitable for both short and long nails.

Bats Halloween Nail Art

bats nails simple halloween nail art ideas

Another symbol of Halloween – bats! So why not draw them on your nails too? For those who are not skilled at drawings and nail art, you can buy stencils or stickers of different shapes that are applied directly to the nail, for a quick and easy manicure. Bats nail art works with almost any base color – white, red, green, even black, but in this case you’ll need to make the bats white. You prefer French nails? No problem! Have the tips of your French manicure decorated with bats!

Easy Mummy Nail Art – Simple Halloween Nails 2023

easy diy mummy nail art simple halloween nails 2023

Are you going to be a mummy this year? This is one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes and here’s an easy nail art that will complete your look! For a mummy manicure, you need to cut a white napkin into thin long strips. Cover all the nails with transparent or white varnish. While the polish is still wet, place strips of napkin across the nail plate. If the polish starts to dry during this time, simply apply a little more polish. Trim the napkins to the size of your nail with sharp scissors. Keep in mind that this nail art is not very durable but if you are careful it will last for a Halloween party. if you need to wash your hands, Wipe them gently and use a towel to blot the nails.

Ghost Nail Art for Halloween

ghost nail art for halloween

Ghosts are another traditional Halloween theme. Ghost themed manicure trends are always relevant. This is the easiest pattern for DIY nail design. You can choose any color as a base and then draw the silhouette of a ghost in white.

Photo Gallery: 2023 Halloween Nails Ideas to Inspire You for October 31

best halloween nails 2023 white nails diy mummy nail art

Halloween Nail Art for Short Nails

2023 halloween nails spider cobweb short nails

Easy DIY Halloween Nails

best halloween nails 2023

Black and Orange Nails for October 31

black and orange simple halloween nail design ideas

Blood Splatter – Halloween Nail Art for Short Nails

diy blood splatter manicure for halloween

Halloween Manicure for Short Square Nails

diy halloween nails 2023

DIY Ghost Manicure

halloween nail designs ghost nails

Awesome Halloween Nails: Pumpkin and Black Cat French Tips

halloween nails 2023 simple design ideas

Minimalist Nail Art for Halloween

minimalist halloween nail designs

Pink Halloween Nails? Why not?

pink halloween nails 2023

An Idea for the Perfect Witch’s Nails

simple halloween nails black and white whitch stockings design

Black Cat on Short Nails

simple halloween nails black cat

Halloween Nail Trends 2023

simple halloween nails ghost nails and pumpkin french tip


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