Short Hairstyles 2023 for Women Over 50: TOP 15 Modern Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence!

by Stephanie Yankova

What should we do with our hair when we turn 50? You want to look professional and elegant, yet effortless and cool ideally without having to spend more than 10 minutes styling your hair every day! Have you thought about going for the big chop? If the answer is ‘yes’ then this is your sign to do it because short hair is officially IN this fall! Are you wondering what short hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 are trending right now? Here’s our selection of the most fashionable looks worth copying this season! 

shaggy pixie cut modern hairstyle 2023 women over 50

What is the Hottest Hair Trend in 2023?

If we had to break down all the trendy hairstyles of the year and narrow them down to the ultimate 2023 hair trend, it would be layers! Choppy pixies, shaggy bobs, feathered bangs – you’re getting all the volume and 0 of the hassles as these haircuts are as effortless and low-maintenance as it gets!

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Short Hairstyles 2023 for Women Over 50

sleek bob bangs trendy fall haircut mature women


If you’ve had a short haircut in the past and didn’t feel like it suited you, or every time you’ve wanted to cut off your hair you’ve been told that you’re going to regret it – erase these thoughts immediately! The secret to loving your short chop is to get it done by a professional who can adjust the hairstyle according to your face shape and hair texture. Keep in mind that not every hairdresser is well-versed in short and mid-length haircuts, so we advise you to look into that prior to your next appointment! You can absolutely have that stylish modern hairstyle you’ve been wanting for so long! Let’s get you inspired with some of the trendiest hairdos for women over 50 worth copying in 2023!

Layered Bob with Balayage and Side Bangs

layered lob balayage side bangs modern trendy hairstyles women over 50 fall 2023

It goes without saying that the layered bob is one of the most prominent hair trends of the year, and there’s a good reason for that! This is one of the most versatile haircuts that can be easily altered to suit any face shape. This particular layered bob with side bangs is ideal for those with oval or elongated faces and wide foreheads. The soft layers will help soften your features, while the side bangs will take away some of the width of your forehead, giving you a symmetrical and well-balanced appearance. The balayage is a great choice if you have thinning hair, as it will create the optical illusion of dimension and make your hair appear more voluminous.

Shaggy Lob with Textured Bangs

shaggy lob textured bangs trendy modern haircut 2023 women over 50

The shaggy lob (long bob) quickly became one of the trendiest haircuts of the years thanks to its effortlessly cool and edgy appearance. It’s characterized by its chin length, choppy layers, and textured feathered bangs. This is a great haircut if you have thick hair, and want to get rid of some of the weight and volume while still having some dimension to your hair. It’s super low-maintenance and requires minimal to no styling as it aims to embrace the natural texture of your hair.

Curly French Bob

curly french bob trendy fall 2023 hairstyle women over 50

What’s a French bob? By far, one of my favorite short hairstyles to date, this bob is characterized by its chin length, short wispy bangs, and effortless curls giving you that typical doll-like Parisian appearance. This hairstyle is best suitable for people with a diamond, rectangle, or oval-shaped face who have a more angular face. If you have a round or square-shaped face, unfortunately, this haircut will make your face appear wider and chubbier.

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Salt and Pepper Choppy Pixie with a Fade

salt and pepper choppy pixie with fade wet look hairstyle women over 50

If you have really thick and voluminous hair, chances are that you’ve been told more than once that you won’t suit a pixie cut. That’s because if the pixie is too short, once it starts growing out you’re going to end up looking like a hedgehog unless you decide to trim it short again. On the other hand, if you have a longer, layered pixie, this will add even more volume which will make your face appear too elongated. The solution? A choppy pixie with a fade. This will take away some of the volume and allow your hair to grow out in a more effortless way without the need for consistent trimming.

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More Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

a line layered bob wispy bangs short hairstyles women over 50 trends 2023

Asymmetrical Bob with Dark Roots

asymmetrical bob haircut women over 50 trends 2023

Choppy Long Bowl Cut 

choppy long bowl cut tyrendy hairstyles women over 50

Angled Bob with Curtain Bangs

angled bob curtain bangs glasses haircut women over 50

Salt and Pepper Long Bob with Soft Layers 

salt and pepper long bob with soft layers modern hairstyles 2023 women over 50

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs 

long pixie with side swept bangs short hairstyles 2023 women over 50

Edgy Swept Back Pixie Haircut for Women Over 50 

swept back pixie undercut edgy short hairstyle women over 50

Sleek Long Bob Haircut with a Slimming Effect for Round and Chubby Faces 

sleek bob haircut slimming effect round face women over 50

Short Pastel Pink Sweeping Bob with Dark Roots 

short sweeping bob pastel pink hair women over 50


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