Short Haircut 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Trendy Look Based on Your Age

by Kremy

Tempted by the new hair trends for 2023? From the classic French bob to the pixie, find out which short haircut is right for you based on your age and hair type. Which color to choose? How to maintain it? How often should you visit your hairdresser? Here’s the ultimate guide for all women in love with XS style.

What Haircut to Choose at 30?

short haircut with micro bangs

I’m 30 years old and I know how inspiring this age can be. It’s the perfect time to radically change your look. I opted for a blonde balayage, but why not cut your hair short? It’s a big trend of the year and it will continue to inspire us for the next year. Here are the most beautiful 2023 haircuts for you based on your hair type:

Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, opt for layered haircuts that will give you texture and volume. In this case, it is also advisable to choose lighter hair colors.

⇒ Caution! The pixie haircut and dark colors like black can emphasize fine, thinning hair even more. Avoid making your scalp visible.

Afro Hair

Do you have afro hair? Are you brave enough? Shaved hair is a big trend in 2023. It’s incredibly comfortable and time-saving! To enhance it even more, dye your hair in your favorite color. No limits! Barbie pink, purple, red, blonde, choose from the entire palette of shades.

Thick Hair

The Garçon haircut, also known as the “Tomboy”, is perfect for you! If you prefer something a little longer, try the messy pixie which is longer on top.

⇒ Caution! Avoid the pixie bob haircut which will give you a ball effect.

What Haircut to Choose After 40 Years of Age?

short haircut 2023 women 40 years old


Short haircuts become more and more popular with age. They can rejuvenate your look and enhance your femininity in an incredible way. So, find out which short haircut 2023 to wear to make you feel comfortable and look beautiful without thinking about the opinions of others:

Thin Hair

Having thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of trends. This year, you can opt for an asymmetrical hairstyle which will give you a boost and the much desired volume. For this, it is also important to use the right products. Mousse or volumizing powder are essential. Balayage is another solution that will give an impression of thickness.

Curly Hair

If you are over forty and have curly hair, opt for the pixie. The combed-up look is truly rejuvenating thanks to its ability to add flattering, blurred movement to the mane.

Thick Hair

In this case, we recommend the short layered bob which will enhance your hair effortlessly. Plus, this hairstyle is really sophisticated and will save you time in the morning.

What Hairstyle Will Rejuvenate a 50 Year Old Woman?

gray pixie bob for 40 year old women

At the age of 50, it’s time to say goodbye to Rapunzel’s hair and make way for dynamic anti-aging haircuts! Yes, we are still talking about XS cuts, worthy of mature women with a busy schedule. Here are the best ideas to choose from in 2023 and not only:

Fine Hair at 50

Cheat with color by choosing a trendy balayage 2023. This is rule number one for fine hair. In terms of haircut, go for the pixie with either wispy or side-swept bangs.

Thick Hair

What do you think of the Pompadour hairstyle? Contrary to stereotypes, this trendy haircut will accentuate your femininity. Essential, easy to maintain and style, it will energize your mane, especially after your fifties when the hair fiber begins to thin and break.

Wavy Hair

The inverted bob and the asymmetrical bob are among the best choices. However, you need to take care of your curls to make them look good. Choose the right products like a curl revealing cream or a styling mousse.

What Short Haircut to Choose When You’re 60?

short haircut 2023 women 60 years old

Since hair thins with age and loses its elasticity, haircuts are more or less versatile after 60. Few women are lucky enough to have dense hair. That’s why, at this age, most of you are looking for the following ideas:

Short Haircut for 60 Year Old Women with Glasses

If you wear glasses, rejuvenate your look with a bowl cut. You may be surprised to find that this retro style is making a comeback. The only difference is that in 2023 we wear it with layered locks on top and shaved at the nape.

⇒ Caution! Avoid the bowl cut if you have a long face. You don’t want to have a mushroom head, do you?

Other Ideas for a Trendy Haircut in 2023

After 60 you can also try the very short variation of the C-cut, combined with curtain bangs. This haircut is particularly suitable for women with  triangular, elongated or oval faces. If you have a round face, opt for a short haircut with bangs on the forehead and a few face framing locks to refine it and enhance the look.

What Short Haircut 2023 When You Are 70 Years Old?

short haircut woman 70 year old gray hair

To get a facelift look and stay on top of hair trends, opt for short haircuts. Don’t be afraid to show off your natural hair color. Yes, white! It will make you look proud and trendy in 2023.

Short Haircut for 70 Year Old Women with Glasses

Unlike some haircuts aimed at young hipsters, there are many short hairstyles for women over 70 who wear glasses: Pixie cuts with bangs, bob with straight bangs, wavy Faux Hawk, short curly bob, the micro bob, French bob and even buzz cut. To enhance them even more, choose the frame of your glasses carefully. Round shaped frames are very popular this year, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Haircuts That Rejuvenate

To choose a hairstyle that will make you look younger, you need to consider all its aspects like style, length, and color. Which ones flatter you the most? The right hairstyle highlights the best features of your face, such as your eyes, cheekbones or well-shaped eyebrows that take years away from your face. Our suggestion for this year is called “pixie bowl”. This hairstyle is so versatile that you can adapt it to any type of face. Just change the type and length of the bangs.

FAQs for Short Haircuts for Women

blonde hair woman 50 60 years old business outfit in neutral colors

What color for short hair?

This, of course, depends on your skin tone, but here is a simple explanation that might help you make your choice. Blonde shades will make you look younger, while brown tones are bolder and suitable for younger women. If you’re going for shaved hair, platinum blonde is an interesting option, but you can also try red shades, as shown in the gallery below. Don’t limit yourself. Think outside the box. If you can’t decide, try balayage first, which will help you gradually change your hair color.

Why cut your hair short?

There’s more than one reason to do it and it’s not just because short hair is in style. One of the simplest reasons to cut your hair is that it makes you feel lighter. Once you do it, you will feel the change and it is definitely worth it, especially in summer. Another reason is that you’ll save time wondering “How do I style my hair today?”. Just wash and go! Additional treatment is only necessary if you have fine hair or gorgeous curls to tame. If that’s not enough, think about how the sun and pool water damage your hair. The short haircut will protect it and give it a chance to recover.

How often should you visit the hairdresser?

Shorter hair means more frequent trips to the hairdresser. Remember to make an appointment every 3 weeks. If you want to save time and money shaping your cut, opt for a bob rather than a pixie.

Can cutting your hair reduce stress?

Cutting your hair is a symbolic act of renouncing the past. But according to some studies, hair can have an important role in our emotional well-being. So, when you are going through a difficult period in your life, cutting your hair can reduce depression.

Short Haircut 2023: Photo Gallery

pixie bob haircut for 50 year old women

Hair trend 2023: Short bob for 40-year-old women

beautiful short cuts to adopt in 2023

Business look for a 50 year old woman

hairstyle for bold 50 year old woman

Short haircut that makes you look younger

very short bob haircut for 40 50 year old women that rejuvenates the look

Short haircut that hides the ears

short haircut 2023 fine white hair

Short haircut for thick hair

short haircut 2023 summer low maintenance hairstyles

Trendy look at 30 on blonde hair

short haircut 2023 women 30 years old

Asymmetrical pixie: a chic and elegant 2023 women’s haircut

short haircut 2023 women 50 years old

Haircut for 60 year old woman with glasses

short haircut 2023 square face

Pixie cut with undercut on brown hair

short haircut 2023 round face

Short cut for afro hair

short haircut afro red hair color

Boyish look at 30: a short unisex haircut that’s a hit

short cut woman 30 years old red hair color

Short haircut with middle parting

short hairstryles for women 30 years old blonde bob

What would you say about a short haircut on white hair at 30?

pixie haircut trend 2023 summer

Short haircut idea for women after 50

layered haircut for women with short hair

Curly pixie: a short haircut idea for fine hair

curly pixie haircut brunette

The side bangs flatter the facial features well

pixie haircut for gray hair trends 2023


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