The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your 2023 Coachella Bag for a Worry-Free Festival Weekend in the Desert

by Stephanie Yankova

One of the biggest music and art festivals of the year is just a few days away and everyone’s excitement is skyrocketing through the roof! The lineup this year is nothing short of phenomenal with music guests like Frank Ocean, Gorillaz, Björk, FKJ, and many more! You’ll also be able to witness breathtaking art installations from Vincent Leroy, Kumkum Fernando, photographer Maggie West, and other exciting new emerging artists! One thing is for sure – you’re in for the experience of a lifetime! Now, before we get to the fun part, there is some preparation that needs to be done beforehand – you’re leaving for the desert for 3 days after all! For those of you who are about to have your first Coachella festival, we’re going to give you the ultimate packing guide that’s going to allow you to get immersed in the magic of one of the most anticipated events completely stress-free!

Coachella Bag Policy

coachella outfit bag style ideas festival look inspiration 2023

Just like most other venues, Coachella has specific regulations about the kind of bags you can bring on-site. Luckily for you, they are not as strict as other festivals, however, there are a couple of rules that need to be meticulously followed if you want to be allowed on the premises of the festival. The Coachella 2023 bag policy states that you are permitted to bring a medium backpack or any bag that’s smaller than that. The backpack should be no bigger than 18’’ x 13’’ x 8.5’’ after being fully packed.  Make sure you don’t overpack because you’ll be asked to place your bag in a box of the same size once you arrive at the entrance, and unfortunately, if it doesn’t fit, you will be denied access to the venue.

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What to Pack for Coachella 2023?

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Packing for a festival can be stressful because in the midst of trying to follow all the rules imposed by the event policy, it’s not uncommon to forget something. Don’t panic, we’ve created an incredibly thorough list of all things you CAN, CAN NOT, and absolutely MUST bring in your Coachella bag. Let’s get into it!

All the essential things you MUST have in your Coachella 2023 bag:

  • ID – you won’t be able to receive your wristband and enter the venue unless you present a valid ID to the security
  • Credit/Debit card – this year Coachella is going to be entirely cash-free, so make sure that you bring your physical debit and/or cred cards with you and have all your online banking apps up to date
  • Empty plastic refillable bottles – unfortunately you are not allowed to bring metal/stainless steel flasks, nor any liquids to the festival, however, you can bring empty plastic bottles and refill them at the water stations on the venue
  • Face Mask/Scarf/Bandana – remember that you’re in the desert, and it’s not uncommon for the weather to get quite windy, so it’s good to have something you can cover up your mouth and nose with and protect them from the blowing dust

Additional things you should consider bringing with you:

  • Lipstick/Lip balm – the desert heat is extremely harsh on the skin, so make sure you pack a lip and skin moisturizer (travel size!)
  • Antibacterial hand wipes – skip the long queues at the toilets just so you can wash your hands and bring a pack of hand wipes or sanitizer to save some time
  • Hat and light jacket/sweater – the temperature in the desert can drop pretty low during the evening, so it’s good to be prepared for the weather amplitudes
  • Comfortable shoes – the trek to the venue is quite rocky which is why you’d benefit from wearing a comfortable pair of shoes that you can walk in, or bring an additional pair of shoes to switch into
  • Headlamp – for those of you who have to walk or ride back home from the desert late at night, a headlamp will definitely come in handy to help guide you on the way back
  • Sunglasses – don’t forget to protect your eyes not only from the harsh desert sun but also dust and the vibrant stage lighting. If you’re looking to buy yourself a new pair of sunshades for the occasion, take a look at our selection of the trendiest sunglasses for 2023.
  • Power Bank – while there are a couple of charging stations that you can access at all times, we suggest you bring a power bank with you just in case

The things you absolutely CAN NOT bring:

  • No cameras with removable lenses
  • No pocket knives
  • No food or beverages from outside the premises of the venue
  • No spray sunscreen – bring an SPF stick instead

Types of Bags you can Bring to Coachella

Now that we’ve laid down all the rules about what you can and can not bring in your Coachella bag, it’s time to take a look at the types of bags you can use to fit your festival essentials in!

Belted Coachella Bag

belt duo bag croc embossed leather functional style coachella bag

Medium Hip Belt Bag 

medium belt bag across chest casual style bright orange coachella 2023

Classic Big Pocket Coachella Fanny Pack

classic style belt bag coacheccla style pink and red outfit color combination

Vibrant Orange Envelope Belt Bag 

envelope belt bag across chest vibrant orange coachella outfit ideas 2023

Cross-Body Coachella Bags

clear pvc colorful see through chanel cross body bag coachella outfit ideas 2023

Bucket Cross-Body Bag with Handles

bucket bright green cross body bag coachella 2023 styling ideas

Nylon Multi Pocket Cross-Body Bag

cross body nylon small front pockets bag coachella packing essentials 2023

Bottle Holder Cross-Body Bag

bottle holder cross body bag travel festival coachella essentials 2023

Medium Backpacks

leather brown backpack music festival packing coachella outfit 2023

Holographic Rave Hydration Backpack

rave water backpack holographic coachella outfit ideas 2023

White Leather Backpack with Colorful Tassels

white leather backpack colorful tassels coachella outfit ideas 2023

Multi Pocket Practical Textile Backpack

desert orange backpack medium size practical coachella outfit ideas

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