Plus Size Festival Outfits: Creative Ideas, Trendy Looks + Styling Tips for Curvy Girls

by Kremy

Fashion is an art form, and festival fashion is her favorite naughty child, which does not follow any rules and has a huge imagination. To make sure you find a style that suits you, we’ve put together some great plus size festival outfits ideas in this article!

When it comes to plus size festival fashion, and not only then, the most important thing is that you have fun and express yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and take risks you haven’t dared before. Besides, in recent years the fashion industry has taken a big step to support curvy ladies and more and more brands are creating collections for curvy women.

crochet dresses are perfect for the festival season

So, whether you prefer bohemian, punk or vintage style (or anything else), you will not have a hard time finding the right clothes for you on the market. Here are our suggestions for plus size festival outfits!

First, Some Practical Fashion Tips on How to Dress for a Festival

festivals are the best place for creative styling ideas


While festivals are the best playground to express your creative and imaginative ideas in terms of clothing that has no place in urban environments and everyday life, still there are some factors that we recommend you to consider. Because apart from having to be wild, colorful and stylish, it is essential for a positive experience that your festival wardrobe is also practical. Whether it’s plus size festival outfits or clothes for a techno or rave party, etc., it’s important that you’re dressed for the occasion.

Plus Size Festival Outfits – Combine Fashion and Comfort

plus size festival outfits combine fashion and comfort

Choose loose, flowing clothing that’s easy to move in, such as maxi dresses, comfortable skirts, and wide-leg pants. Add some sass to your holiday attire by accessorizing it with cropped tops or crochet pieces. We also recommend that you opt for light, breathable materials such as cotton, linen or viscose.

for a unique festival look in 2023 choose an artful piece of clothing like a kimono

The weather at festivals can be unpredictable, so it’s important that you also have festival wear that will keep you warm and dry. A faux fur or denim jacket is a classic choice that goes with a variety of outfits. For a unique festival look in 2023, choose an artful piece of clothing like a kimono, poncho or chunky cardigan. These garments not only offer protection from the elements, but also add an extra, individual style to your festival wardrobe.

Accessories Should Complement Your Festival Look

accessories should complement your festival look

Accessories are a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your festival outfit. Consider fancy items like a hat, bandana, neck beads, or a bag with fringes. Body jewelry and temporary tattoos are also a fun and unique way to express your personal style. When choosing your accessories for the festival, choose ones that complement your outfit and express your aesthetic sense.

sunglasses are a festival fashion necessity with a practical purpose

Sunglasses, however, are not just a festival fashion necessity, they also have a practical purpose. They protect your eyes from the sun and help you see clearly. Choose a pair of sunglasses that suit your festival style, be it classic aviator, round retro or trendy cat eye. When choosing, pay attention to your face shape and choose a style that flatters your features.

One of the Most Important Elements of Festival Fashion Is Comfortable Shoes

ankle boots or cowboy boots are perfect footwear for festivals

Since you will be on your feet, dancing and running for many hours, it is important to choose cool shoes that are both comfortable and offer support. Depending on the destination, you should pack waterproof shoes or sandals.

one of the most important elements of festival fashion is comfortable shoes

A good pair of sneakers, ankle boots or cowboy boots are a good choice as they are sturdy and will protect your feet. If you want to add extra style to your festival outfit in 2023 (and you do), you should choose shoes with unique details such as fringes, embellishments or bold colors.

Creative Plus Size Festival Outfits Ideas

Summer is full of arts and music festivals and we’ve filled your travel list with the biggest festival fashion trends of 2023!

Maxi Dresses Are the Perfect Piece of Clothing for Your Music Experience

plus size festival outfits maxi dresses are the perfect

Maxi dresses and festivals go hand in hand. This outfit combines everything you need to look and feel good during your music experience. It is chic, comfortable, available in all styles and colors and can be combined with cowboy boots as well as with sneakers or sandals. It’s the foundation of chic plus size fashion and a great choice to complement with funky accessories.

maxi dresses and festivals go hand in hand

You can opt for a model that embodies the bohemian spirit or one with an animal print, which is extremely trendy lately. If you’re feeling a little more daring, opt for a crochet maxi dress. Black is a great color for this choice as it is classic and will add an extra touch of style to this otherwise bold look.

Sequin Skirt + Crop Top + Ankle Boots

from sequins and tassels to wreaths of flowers everything is allowed in festival fashion

From sequins and tassels to wreaths of flowers, everything is allowed in festival fashion. And glittery makeup and clothing has always been a staple of the festival aesthetic. So, if you want to escape any sense of everyday life for a few days this summer, opt for plus size festival outfits that have nothing to do with it.

A sequin skirt and bra complemented by a crochet tank top will serve you well for this! Combine this feminine look with chunky shoes to give your outfit an even stronger personality!

Animal Print Midi Dress and Sneakers

plus size festival outfits animal print midi dress and sneakers

Animal prints might suit everyone, but they’re definitely appropriate for any festival, especially if they are on a midi dress. The combination creates a spectacular and comfortable look, which is the key to successful festival styling. Another plus is that midi dresses are easy to find in all sizes and different patterns, making them one of the most popular plus size festival outfits.

For your festival appearance, our advice is to opt for a model below the knee, with slits on the sides so you can move freely, and with a nicely pronounced neckline (because every lady, regardless of her bust size, looks great with cleavage). Complete the look with comfortable sneakers in black or white.

Plus Size Festival Outfits – Colorful Overalls are Very Attractive

plus size festival outfits colorful overalls are very attractive

The colorful jumpsuit is another classic for festivals. It’s comfortable, loose, attractive, and there are dozens of gorgeous models to choose from. However, it’s important that you choose a quality fabric such as cotton, linen or viscose – you don’t want artificial fabric sticking to your body in the heat, do you? No, you don’t want that!

If you want a more feminine look, choose an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit model and combine it with flat sandals. This style will keep you cool during the day, but pack a denim jacket in case it gets chilly.

the colorful overall is another classic for festivals

If you’re looking for a playful festival look (and it’s supposed to rain), you can opt for a printed denim overall paired with a sheer t-shirt and waterproof leather shoes. Bring a hooded black leather jacket in case the weather turns bad.


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