Heat Wave 2023: How to Cool a Car without Air Conditioning and Stay Fresh?

by Kremy

In the 21st century, most first-class cars are equipped with many extras, including an air conditioning system which is absolutely essential during heat waves. However, sometimes the air conditioner breaks down and the cabin immediately becomes a stove. So what can you do to stay cool as much as possible? How to cool a car without air conditioning?

How to Cool a Car without Air Conditioning?

how to cool a car without air conditioning and stay cool during heat wave

Whether your vehicle generally has no air conditioning or its cooling system is not working properly, knowing how to cool off while traveling is essential to protect yourself from heatstroke. Hydrating drinks aside, here’s what you can do to cool down a car as best you can during the summer heat.

Parking in The Shade Is Essential

how to cool a car without air conditioning parking in the shade


Okay, that’s obvious, but we have to start at the beginning and mention that parking in the shade is of paramount importance to cool a car without air conditioning. When possible, think about the next time you will use your vehicle and the position of the sun at any given future time to plan your parking spot optimally. If you park it in the shade in the afternoon, you might not even be able to touch the steering wheel the next morning.

Take Advantage of Practical Sun Shades

how to cool a car without air conditioning during heat wave sun shade

To cool a car without air conditioning, use a sun shade on its windshield and on its side windows as well. Obviously, this won’t do anything about the stagnant heat inside the cabin. However, the reflective film and protective shades will considerably reduce overheating of the dashboard, seats and so on, making the car less uncomfortable to use.

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Expel Hot Air to Cool Your Car

how to cool a car without air conditioning tips and tricks

Even when parked under a tree and protected by sunshades, most of the time our car is still too hot to get in. The smart way to cool it down is get air flowing all around it. First, open one of your car’s front windows. Then open the opposite back door and quickly close it, repeating several times. This will push the stagnant hot air trapped in the cabin out and make the conditions much more bearable.

Make Your Own Homemade Cooler

how to cool a car without air conditioning summer heat 2023 tips and tricks

Carrying a spray bottle filled with water is a pretty handy idea when aiming to cool a car without air conditioning in the height of summer. Spray a little water on the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, gearshift, handbrake and any other place that tends to get overheated and burns to the touch.

Given the summer temperatures, the water will evaporate in no time, leaving the treated area a little cooler than before. You can even lightly wet your hair or clothes to refresh yourself instantly.

You can also make your own homemade ice packs by freezing a few bottles of water ahead of time. Take these coolers with you in the cabin if you want to cool a car and stay cool even without air conditioning.

Know When to Open The Windows

how to cool a car without air conditioning and stay cool during summer heat wave

Even an old model car, without air conditioning, has a ventilation system. Nevertheless, one must know when to use it and when it is better to open the windows to cool a car. Yes, it’s either one or the other, because both at the same time is just a waste. So if you’re driving at low speeds, in town for example, you’d better open the windows, as there’s nothing nicer in the heat than a cool breeze blowing in your face.

However, once on the highway, you’ll want to close the windows and run the blower. Not only will open windows cause a real roaring noise, but you’ll also end up consuming up to 20% more fuel, as all that wind entering the car actually makes you less aerodynamic!

Turn on Ventilation “Turbo Mode”

how to cool a car without air conditioning and stay cool during heat wave 2023

If you’re already on the highway and the fan is running, but you’re still hot, take advantage of its turbo mode… Hang some damp cloth towels (or another piece of cloth) on the blower nozzles and you’ll immediately feel a drop in temperature in the cabin. Here’s how to cool a car without air conditioning in a basic, but effective way!



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