How to Cool a Room in the Summer and Get Through Hot Days and Nights without Air Conditioner?

by Kremy

How to cool a room in the summer without air conditioner? If you want to brave heat waves and keep a cool head at home, rooms can be cooled by being strategic. As a result, you can not only reduce your electricity bills, but also some associated health risks and improve your sleep quality. If you don’t have any cooling equipment, there are some clever ways to keep you comfortable in the summer. These don’t require much effort and you can push out hot air to create a comfortable atmosphere between four walls. So get creative and try the following tricks to keep your living spaces cool when the temperature is high.

How to Cool a Room in the Summer without Air Conditioner and Prevent Sweaty Interiors?

how to cool a room without air conditioning clever hacks and tricks

When summer temperatures get scorching and you don’t have air conditioning, staying at home can become almost impossible. This causes many people to sweat constantly and just toss and turn in bed at night. The logical alternative is to install air conditioning, but there are certain risks involved, and an AC can increase your electricity bills. However, hot rooms are not the only factor associated with a risk of heat stroke. Air conditioning in the bedroom could also be disadvantageous for sensitive people, as they can easily catch a cold.

how to cool a room without air conditioning leave the bathroom fan on and make a draft during heatwaves


In addition, in extremely hot weather and high indoor temperatures, the most important thing is to take preventive measures. Some thoughtful strategies will also benefit the environment by reducing the energy you use and lowering your CO₂ footprint. But how to cool a room in the summer without air conditioner that will cost us cheaper and be more environmentally friendly? Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid waking up in a sweat when you’re home.

How to Cool a Room in the Summer: Use Fans in a Clever Way

how to cool a room in the summer without air conditioning

When using cooling fans, you can also be strategic by positioning them in the right places in the room. Place your devices at the windows so that they can push the warm air out. If you have a ceiling fan, it will run more efficiently if you set it counter-clockwise. Exactly the opposite is true during cold winter temperatures, when the device’s blades encourage warm air to circulate. Otherwise, when it’s hot, a properly adjusted fan will push the hot air up instead of swirling it around the room.

practical and effective cooling with water mist during summer heat waves

In addition, many people nowadays also opt for water mist coolers, which are optimal for enclosed outdoor patios. Running exhaust fans can also provide a cooing strategy. For example, if you leave your bathroom fan or range hood on after showering or cooking, you will be able to dissipate the heat generated by hot water or kitchen appliances.

how to cool a room without air conditioning use fans cleverly

Leave the windows open to create a draft and improve air circulation in your indoor spaces. An even better effect can be achieved if you open the windows in the basement or upper floor while the fan is running. This directs the warm air up or down while the air velocity brings the cool air to you.

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How to Cool Beds or Sofas in the Room?

use ice packs in hot weather in summer

To beat the heat, you can position your sleeping bed as close to the floor as possible. This ensures that the warm air rising upwards does not disturb you while you sleep. For example, in a one-story home, you can pull down the mattress and place it on the floor. If your home has cooler rooms, you can try turning them into bedrooms for the summer.

how to cool a room without air conditioner clever hacks

In addition, upholstered furniture such as a couch or sofa can be cooled with clever hacks like using cooling pads. You can place ice packs under pillows or bed mattresses to keep them cool in a clever way. This will make upholstered furniture retain less body heat, although you can also use frozen veggies putting them in bags. Another popular trick is to put bedding in the freezer so you can use it to keep cool later. You can even hang wet sheets in front of open windows to quickly lower the room temperature by a few degrees.

More Tips to Cool Yourself and Your Rooms

how to keep cool in the summer use high quality bed sheets from natural materials

Even if you use the methods above, you could get very hot in the scorching sun. In some cases, cooling devices are essential, and you could also consider a portable air conditioner. There are a few more tricks you can use to keep yourself and your home cool without air conditioner.

  • Try to keep your windows closed during the day when the outside air is warmest. when temperatures drop in the evening and it’s cooler outside than inside, you can do the opposite to refresh your living spaces.
  • Avoid dehydration from sweating by drinking some water before going to bed. Another surprising trick is to take a warm shower to balance your body temperature with the room temperature. Hot water promotes blood circulation, and you thereby release the excess body heat.
  • Also, eat less in the evening to help your body metabolize food and allow for a more comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Use breathable bedding and clothing to prevent additional sweating and allow your skin pores to “breathe” better.
  • You can fill a sock with rice, put it in the freezer and then cool your room by hanging it anywhere in the room.
  • Use household appliances that produce less heat, such as dishwashers or tumble dryers, and wash your dishes by hand or dry your laundry outside.
  • Sleep like the Egyptians by leaving cotton sheets slightly damp after washing and wrapping yourself in them before bed.


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