What Are the Best Hydrating Drinks to Consume During Heat Wave? And the Worst?

by Kremy

Lose weight, have smooth and radiant skin, boost your metabolic processes, improve your general health… There are several reasons for drinking lots of water and they multiply even more during the summer heat. So, what are the best hydrating drinks (and which ones are the least hydrating, to avoid)?

Survive the Heat Wave with Hydrating Drinks

what are the best hydrating drinks to consume heatwave

How much water should you drink? How to stay hydrated during the heat wave? What to drink to stay hydrated? What can you do to optimize your fluid intake? What drinks should you avoid because they have the opposite effect? Do you really need 8 glasses of water a day?

According to health professionals, one should drink at least 1 oz of water for each pound you weigh /30ml of water per kilogram of body weight, on average. That is to say, an adult who weighs 165 lbs/75 kg must consume at least 82 oz/2,5 l of water per day to stay hydrated. So, yes, if you weigh more than 145 lbs/66 kilos, 8 or more glasses of water are highly recommended.

List of the Best Hydrating Drinks

what are the best drinks during heat wave 2023 fruit infused water


So establish a routine for drinking more water and add a few hydrating drinks to make the task even easier and more enjoyable. Which ones? Here are some great ideas!

Water Is the Top Hydrating Drink

best hydrating drinks heat wave 2023 pure water top option

Unsurprisingly, water is the most hydrating drink you can consume, whether during a summer heatwave or any time of year. It’s essential for every process in our bodies and should never be deprived of.

Milk Drinks

top drinks to stay hydrated in hot weather aryan bulgarian yoghurt

Milk and especially yogurt-based drinks are another top option for hydrating while receiving taste pleasure. Ayran (low salt) and kefir are delicious, refreshing and they will give you calcium, vitamin D and protein too.

Fruit Water

what are the top hydrating drinks fruit infused water summer

If drinking pure water all day seems difficult, infuse the odorless liquid with seasonal fruits of your choice! It’s a healthy way to add flavor and create your own hydrating drinks with no added sugar. Lime and basil, cucumber with mint or mixed red berries – these are just some of the good combinations to try for refreshment. What’s more, you can use either still or sparkling water, depending on your personal preference.

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Fruit Juices

best hydrating drinks heat wave 2023 fresh seasonal fruit juice

Pure fruit juices (100%) contain around 85% water, which makes them great hydrating drinks, and they are packed with vitamins too. However, be aware of the sugar content, which can actually inhibit hydration. So, dilute them with pure cold water or ice cubes, especially if you drink them every day. For a special treat during the heat wave, make ice lollies!

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Caffeine Free Tea

what are the best dringks for hot weather

Teas that do not contain caffeine are also excellent hydrating drinks. The infusions of herbs and fruits in water can be consumed slightly warm or chilled, as you prefer. Most teas are rich in antioxidants and if they are caffeine-free (caffeine is a powerful diuretic), drinking them will help you stay hydrated and in top shape.

Coconut Water

best hydrating drinks heat wave 2023 coconut water

Did you know that coconut water is 95% water, low in sugars and packed with health-boosting minerals? This means that it is a better hydrating drink when compared to fruit juices, for example.

Aloe Vera Juice

best hydrating drinks heat wave 2023 aloe vera juice

Our short list ends with aloe vera juice – another hydrating drink offering additional benefits. Drinking it can not only ease muscle soreness, but also relieve the aches and pains of those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis.

What Are the Worst Hydrating Drinks?

what are the worst hydrating drinks heat wave 2023 energy drinks

Just as there are beneficial hydrating drinks, there are also liquids whose consumption encourages water to leave our body or which contain excessive amounts of sugar. Among the worst, to avoid, heat wave or not, we must certainly mention sodas (fizzy drinks), coffee and hot chocolate, liquors, wine and beer and all energy drinks. The same goes for all teas, lemonades, milks, smoothies, etc. with added sugar.



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