Why the Remarkable Optical Illusion Dress of Elsa Hosk at Cannes Film Festival Went Viral?

by Kremy

The optical Illusion dress of Elsa Hosk at Cannes Film Festival 2023 attracted a lot of attention. We’ve seen dozens of dream dresses striking fashion combinations at the red carpet in Cannes that will surely be talked about for days. Yet, this particular dress stole the show!

Optical Illusion Dress of Elsa Hosk at Cannes Film Festival is a Stunning Haute Couture Creation!

optical illusion dress of elsa hosk at cannes film festival that went viral

The prize for originality on the Cannes red carpet this year certainly goes to Swedish model and influencer Elsa Hosk who chose a ‘double’ dress that creates an optical illusion. The amazing dress was presented in January during the Haute Couture fashion show in Paris by the stylist duo Viktor&Rolf.

viktor & rolf fashion show for spring and summer 2023 optical illusion dress


Viktor & Rolf are known for their and provocative choices and many experts say that they have turned fashion upside down by sending ball gown dresses on the catwalk worn in the strangest ways: upside down, perpendicular to the body, diagonally or ‘stuck’ in the middle. Exploring new and creative possibilities Viktor&Rolf’s Haute Couture collection reminds of little girls dressing their Barbie dolls, but in a playful, grown up and a little bit ironic way.

Why the Optical Illusion Dress of Elsa Hosk Went Viral on Social Media?

elsa hosk deconstructed dress cannes film festival 2023

The optical Illusion dress of Elsa Hosk at Cannes Film Festival looked as if she was wearing two dresses at the same time.

elsa hosk cannes film festival 2023 double dress bodice

A powder blue bodice with a heart-shaped neckline and a tulle skirt decorated with two bows, ‘rested’ diagonally across her body, at a slight angle revealing a nude colored bodice. Hosk completed this sensational dress with her short blonde locks styled in a chic wavy bob, makeup in blue and delicate pink lipstick.

elsa hosk cannes film festival 2023 deconstructed dress


On Instagram, Elsa Hosk explained the choice of the dress: “When I saw this dress on the catwalk I was hypnotized: the dress is surreal when it moves, beautiful and ugly at the same time. Not only is it breathtaking, but it reminds me that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously.” In addition, the Swedish model also wanted it for personal reasons: ” I knew it had to be it, it’s a rock’n’roll and deconstructed version of the very first dress I wore at Cannes “.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Elsa Hosk’s Dress? Is There a New Trend on the Rise?

elsa hosk cannes film festival 2023 viktor & rolf dress optical illusion

Well, some things are just meant to happen! This dress was not supposed to be on the red carpet on the first place. As Elsa Hosk shared on social networks, her luggage was lost on the way to Paris. The optical illusion dress was flown from LA as quickly as possible so that the model could shine on the red carpet. Despite the unpleasant situation, in the end everything went according to plan and the model entered the history of the red carpet in Cannes. Now, that sounds like a fairytale!

cannes film festival 2023 elsa hosk deconstructed dress optical illusion

So, why is everyone talking about Elsa Hosk’s stunning dress? Honestly, when you look at it, the dress is so charmingly absurd that it instantly grabs your attention. The proof of that is the amount of comments on social media. To some people it looks tasteless, to some it looks ugly, but we do not agree. It is provocative, it is original and that’s what haute couture is all about, isn’t it?

elsa hosk cannes film festival 2023 viktor & rolf double dress

Do we see a new trend on the rise? In our opinion – yes! It will take some time to see the boldest ideas presented on the catwalk in the closets of fashionistas, but be prepared for the “deconstructed” trend. It surely catches the eye and will not remain without due attention. You might not see “crooked” dresses on the street, but surely voluminous tulle skirts, princess-cut corsets, glitter details, bows, flower prints and even crystal applications will be a hit in the coming months.

elsa hosk cannes film festival 2023 haute couture viktor & rolf dress


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