How to Style Lingerie During the Daytime? – A Guide to the Sensual Streetwear Trend for Summer 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

In recent years street fashion has been pushing the boundaries of conventional norms and casual wear is no longer what it used to be! Whether as an act of self-love and appreciation, asserting power, a homage to the 90s, or a little bit of everything, visible lingerie has become one of the biggest fashion trends! Irina Shayk, Sydney Sweeney, and Scarlett Johansson were some of the celebrities who recently made it known on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet that we’re in the era of embracing and showcasing the lingerie we once tried so desperately to mask! This summer trend is inviting you to step into your dark feminine energy and embrace your sensuality like never before! Scroll down to learn how you can take your lingerie out of the bedroom and out in the streets in style!

How to Style Lingerie During the Day (Without Looking Vulgar)?

black lace lingerie bra oversized vibrant purple suit street style fashion week

Wearing lingerie during broad daylight certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. That being said, if you’re reading this, you probably have already built up the necessary confidence and left all cares behind, which is the first and most important step in taking your underwear for a spin in the city! One of the most common ways to style lingerie is to pair a silk or lace bra with a suit. Here we have a stunning combination of an oversized suit in vibrant violet which is one of the trendiest colors of the year, and a simple lace bralette that will make you shine from rise till dawn!

Sheer Lace Dress with Contrasting Lingerie

see through lace dress styling lingerie streetwear fashion trend summer 2023


Sheer dresses are the star of the show in 2023, and we’re seeing more and more of them as the temperatures continue to rise! A daring look, indeed, the combination of a lace see-through dress and contrasting lingerie is a pair that’s guaranteed to stand out in the crowd and win you a few compliments along the way.

Skirt Suit with a Visible Bra

beige midi skirt tailored baggy blazer black lace bra lingerie styling street fashion dior bag bottega veneta sandals

Visible bras and panty lines used to be a no-go zone in the past, however, this notion is long gone! Add some spice to your office chic outfit by pairing a lace bra with a mini skirt and baggy blazer in earthy tones.

Mix & Match Patterns and Textures

black lingerie bra zebra print oversized blazer high waisted vinyl pants pointed white high heel shoes street style inspo

If you’re tired of the matching two-piece tailored suit, introducing patterns and different textures is a great way to diversify a classic look! This oversized zebra print blazer matches perfectly with the black vinyl pants for an effortlessly chic yet casual everyday look. You can pair it with a bikini top or a classic black bra for a more playful and edgy look.

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Classic Silk Slip Dress

black silk slip dress sequin blazer elegant chic daytime outfit

The slip dress – a classic 90s staple piece that remains one of the most beloved fashion items in almost every woman’s closet to this day! Once worn as a sleeping gown, it was later popularized by Courtney Love who completely rebranded the slip dress and gave it a punk and edgy flair during the rise of the grunge era. Fast-forward to present times, this sensual dress has become the epitome of effortless femininity.

Brassiere Over Everything

denim bra styling lingerie oversized shirt dress floral pattern denim jeans high heel sandals spring summer street fashion 2023

If bold fashion choices run in your blood, and you’re looking for inspiration for your next extravagant look – look no further! Put your bra on full display and wear it on top of a shirt dress or oversized T-shirt! After all, why buy that super gorgeous and expensive bra if no one’s going to see it?

Styling a Corset Like a Modern Time Royalty

styling lingerie daytime street style beige corset top oversized blazer satin high waisted trousers pointed high heels (1)

It’s no secret that corsets have been all the craze since last year thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber and their love for vintage fashion. They effortlessly pushed the corset to the public as casual everyday clothing that can be easily paired with everything from sweatpants to jeans, mini skirts, and leather pants. This is a trend we definitely didn’t see coming but absolutely love, and if you give it a try, we’re pretty sure you will, too! It’s feminine, empowering, and super badass! Which woman doesn’t want to feel that way when roaming the streets of the big city? I know I do!

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More Ways to Master the Visible Lingerie Trend

emily ratajkowski white bikini bra lingerie long blazer low waist pants suit street style inspo

Wear a Set of Black Lingerie Underneath a Sheer Red Dress Paired with a High-Waist Belt 

red sheer dress black lingerie leather belt elegant daytime fashion summer 2023

Dress Down a Lingerie Top with a Pair of Wash Jeans and Leather Boots 

kendall jenner lingerie top street style styling straigh washed black denim jeans leather boots

Mix & Match the Trends – Combine a Silk Slip Skirt with a Bomber Jacket and Cowboy Boots 

silky slip skirt bomber jacket cowboy boots styling lingerie street fashion

French Chic – Unbuttoned Sheer Shirt with Accent Ruffled Sleeves, a Classic Bralette and Pencil Skirt 

styling lingerie street style milan fashion week sheer black button up top flamingo sleeves ruffles white pencil skirt prada bag

A Tomboy Look with Lace Bra Underneath a Mesh Bodysuit Paired with a Bomber Jacket and Ripped Jeans 

rita ora lingerie lace bra fishnet bodysuit bomber jacket baggy ripped jeans streetwear


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