Linda Rodin Makeup: The Guide On How To Look Young After 60!

by Gabby

The makeup is a topic that I can discuss all day long. Especially when it is a trend that recently came up, or the classics, or a new makeup product… Ladies, if you are like me and love to experiment and try out new things, then this article is for you. With age we become more picky and that is completely normal. We want our skin to look flawless and we are looking for magical products that can hide away a few years. Well, actually there are a few tricks in the book that you can try out, and our inspiration will be Lina Rodin makeup. Who is she? How to achieve her makeup look? How to apply makeup for women over 60? Let me answer these questions!

Linda Rodin makeup: The guide on how to look young after 60!

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Linda Rodin is a true icon and an inspiration for the people who are still not brave enough to switch careers. She was known for the amazing skills as a stylist for many years, but in her 60s she decided to switch lanes completely. Now, she is super successful with her makeup career, that is why we are going to focus on what is she wearing and how. Linda stands for the natural finish of the makeup and she really loves using oils for her skin. That is why she is looking super glowy and radiant at the age of 75. But what can we notice about Linda’s look? She really enjoys wearing lipstick with a bright color that really stands out. We can now answer this question – should we wear lipstick with a bold shade after 60? Absolutely!

Linda Rodin makeup: Lipstick for women over 60

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Linda says “I feel completely naked without lipstick.” and she shares that she got this from her mother, who taught her how to wear it. How she applies these beautiful almost-neon colors? She fills in her lips entirely with a lip pencil first. And then she puts the same shade lipstick all over it so it has this creamer finish and it is more comfortable to wear throughout the day.

For the eyes, you can’t really see her anywhere without glasses. The glasses are playing a major role here! They are not only a need, but they are a great accessory that you can use to hide away the wrinkles and the crow’s feed around the eye area. It is kind of her staple, just like the bold lipstick. However, if you focus on the eyes, you can see that she is using these iridescent blue shadows that she puts all over her lids and under, to make the eyes pop under the glasses. She is using a mascara and that’s about it – very simple, yet very stunning for a woman in her 70’s.

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Why should you wear bold lipstick color after 60?

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If you are asking yourself why should you do such a bold move with your makeup, the answer is simple! These lipstick colors will bring life and will make your skin tone look super fresh and glowy. The shade really draws attention to your lips, so you have to be careful when you are using the lip liner.

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