Which inverted bob with bangs is made for your hair and face shape?

by Kremy

Who says short hair isn’t chic? All you have to do is find the length, shape and color that suit you! With all its magnificent variations, the inverted bob with bangs could easily find its place in the heart of all hair addicts. Whatever the nature of your hair and the shape of your face, our collection of ideas will inspire you to choose your next trendy hairstyle.

How to choose bangs for an inverted bob?

short bob with long bangs

Inverted bob hairstyles continue to be trending in 2023 because they’re super chic, low-maintenance, and a great way to create shape and volume. And that’s not all. This version of the famous bob goes wonderfully well with bangs. So if you’re dreaming for an inverted bob, feel free to pair it with curtain bangs – the latest in the world of hairdressing, or even with side bangs – an alternative that is not too strict, nor too tidy. The good news is that you can style your bangs in a million different ways, so you can have a new hairstyle (or almost!) every day.

How to wear the inverted bob with side bangs?

bob haircut with side bangs for fine hair


An inverted bob with side bangs is the perfect variation for women who prefer an elegant, easy-going hairstyle. The hairstyle is incredibly flattering and softens sharp facial features. To take advantage of this effect, bet on a rounded shape combined with side swept bangs.

A long wavy bob with balayage

elegant modern hairstyle wavy bob with side bangs

When it comes to hair length, you have the option of a long or short inverted bob. What matters most is that the transition from front to back is smooth and gradual so as not to contrast too sharply with the pointed chin and pronounced jawline.

Inverted bob with straight bangs: a classic hairstyle for any body shape

lob with straight bangs inverted long bob hairstyle

Straight bangs work perfectly with inverted bob, giving you a chic haircut that frames the face elegantly. In addition to seducing girls who want to look older than their age, this bangs is also very popular with mature ladies, because it has the ability of rejuvenating and concealing fine lines on the forehead. This version of the Bob haircut with fairly long bangs is ideal for hiding a large forehead.

Bob hairstyle with curtain bangs

short inverted bob with curtain bangs trendy hairstyles

If you are looking for a modern, stylish and easy-going cut, a bob with curtain bangs is just for you. Whether smooth, thick or tapered, this version has that seductive flair that all women love. It’s worn a bit longer, so you can just sweep it to one side when you want to change your look. Curtain bangs that extend to the right corner of the eyes and highlight the cheekbones are flattering for round and oval faces.

Curly inverted bob with bangs

wavy bob with straight bangs blonde hair

There’s no need to avoid the inverted bob just because you have curly hair. Go ahead, short curly hair is incredibly chic and can be styled in a variety of creative ways. As for the bangs, it can be worn straight or curly. If you want a balanced look, go for the curly inverted bob with straight bangs.

Go for an inverted wavy bob if you have thin hair

wavy bob with straight bangs honey ombre balayage

This version is very easy to style, you just need to arm yourself with a brush and a hair dryer. However, if you want to wear your bangs curly, it must be in harmony with the rest of the hair. In general, it is necessary to use a hair product that will soften the curls and make them bouncy.

Do short bangs and inverted bob go hand in hand?

inverted bob with short tapered bangs idea modern daring haircut

An inverted bob with short bangs is a daring haircut, ideal for drawing more attention to your eyes. If you’re looking for a new hair look, but you don’t want to mess with the length or change your hair color, short bangs promise an instant cool change. Although practically everyone can go for short bangs, this one could be difficult to achieve, especially if you have a round or heart-shaped face.

Short tapered bob with tapered bangs

short tapered bob with tapered bangs extra volume fine hair

Do you want to give your inverted bob a modern boost? Why not add some wavy layers to the front and back? This approach allows you to create more volume and a trendy look. You can also experiment with soft waves to give your mane some movement.

Straight tapered bangs draw the eye to the eyes and cheekbones

modern hairstyles inverted bob with wispy bangs

This haircut is a great match for tapered bangs. These are textured bangs that are cut at different lengths from side to side. The haircut is great for balancing round or long face shapes.

This inverted asymmetrical bob haircut shows off shiny hair

inverted asymmetrical bob with straight bangs

This classic bob frames the face beautifully

classic bob frames the face beautifully

A polar blonde wavy bob for thin hair

polar blonde wavy bob with bangs long thin hair

A slightly wavy inverted bob with curtain bangs

inverted bob with curtain bangs ash blond hair color

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