V-cut for medium-length and long hair: who does the trend hairstyle suit and how to style it properly?

by Kremy

Are you just thinking about how to cut your mane? In recent years, the V-cut has established itself as a modern alternative to the classic U-cut. A V-cut for medium-length and long hair and can be modified as you like depending on the thickness of the hair. We shall list the advantages and disadvantages of the trendy haircut and explain which variations are especially popular.

V-cut for medium-length and long hair: what are the pros and cons?

V cut for long hair with waves

The right haircut is very important, especially for medium-length and long hair. A straight line looks very boring, a V cut is much more exciting. In this case, the hair is shorter in the front and left longer in the back. As the name suggests, the sharp angle forms a “V” at the back. The haircut perfectly emphasizes the length of the hair, gives the hairstyle structure, volume and can be styled as desired. Other advantages are:

layered v cut for long hair styling

  • A V-cut can be adjusted to the hair structure. Women with waves or curls can also benefit from it.
  • Petite women are pushed even more by a straight edge, while a V-shape visually elongates the body and can magically shed a few pounds from the waist.
  • The hairstyle is perfect for anyone who likes to wear their hair down.
  • A layered version looks much better on thin hair.
  • For thick hair, a smooth edge is recommended.

V cut for medium length and long hair

However, a V-cut also has disadvantages. We shall list them as well:

  • With the V-cut, the cut edge is so angled that the tip is often subjected to additional stress.
  • Braided hairstyles and pigtails are difficult to achieve. Even updos are often not possible with a V-cut.
  • Very thin hair looks like it has been chopped, while medium-length hair is much more difficult to style.

V cut for medium-length hair: you should pay attention to this

Ash blonde hair with bangs v cut hairstyle

The trendy hairstyle is suitable for medium-length hair. In this case, the goal is to give more length. For this purpose, the hair is layered from the shoulders downwards and the typical V-silhouette should still be clearly recognizable. The hairstyle can be styled like any step cut.

V haircut for long hair

Feather step cut for long hair

The trendy haircut is best for women with long hair. Lightness is a top priority here. For this purpose, the hair is layered from the shoulders down. In the end, the trendy hairstyle looks casual, suitable for everyday and above all – natural. Split ends can also be cut in this way.

How does the trendy V-cut look like in the front?

Feather haircut for long hair stepped

The V-haircut looks good not only at the back. When the hair is layered, the hairstyle looks great at the front as well. Subtle highlights accent the shape. As far as layers are concerned, the feathered haircut is currently in trend. This new variation is actually based on the haircuts of the 80s.

The hairstyle for long, straight hair

V cut hairstyles for long hair

Long, shiny and straight hair that falls over the shoulders and whose thinned tips form the popular V-shape at the back looks super glamorous. The haircut looks especially impressive on women with thick hair. However, daily care is crucial for the final result. A gloss shampoo and care masks with glitter particles can enhance the high-gloss effect.

Medium-length hair with curls will benefit from the trendy haircut

V cut for long hair with curls

Even long hair can be cut into a “V”. This is a quick and easy way to give it the desired shape. The hairstyle gives more thickness to the curls and shows them off better than a straight edge.

How to choose a hair color for a V cut hairstyle?

V-cut for medium length and long hair

Highlights, balayage – almost every hair color trend suits the V-cut. In addition, for a subtle transition between colors, the hair can be styled into waves.

The V-cut is very trendy. It enjoys great popularity mainly because it can be adapted individually and perfectly suits women with thin or thick hair.



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