Which hairstyles are currently in? Here are the TOP hair trends 2023 that we will see everywhere

by Kristiyana

Are you ready for a dazzling new hairstyle? Do you want so much volume that you look like a 90s supermodel? Are you looking for the perfect hairstyle that will best flatter your features? If so, you need to keep scrolling, because I’ve found you the most wonderful hair trends 2023 ideas! Whether you like to wear your hair short or long, you’ll find it all here! For all the bold and sexy women out there, you can transform yourself into a trendy goddess with a little inspiration and some amazing photos!

Here are the TOP hair trends for 2023!


I’ve prepared five gorgeous haircuts and no, the pixie cut is not included! Say goodbye to super short hair and welcome medium and long, voluminous hair into your life! Are you chic, like the French bob? Do you want lots of volume and movement in your hair? Do you want to have luscious, top-notch locks? You’ve come to the right place! As usual, if you’re not sure how a certain hairstyle will fit your face, check out the free hair simulator! It’s fun to use and pretty accurate! Now, let’s talk about women!

French bob trend 2023



If you’re an IT girl and want to let everyone know, then try the most stylish and daring haircuts out there! Whether you’re an Amelie Poulain at heart or you like the alternative rock/stylish/elegant/feminine style… All in one… Then this style is exceptionally made for you!


Or you don’t have to go that short if you feel it doesn’t suit you! Try a longer version of the French bob, with or without bangs!

Butterfly hair cut and wolf cut


You may have heard of the butterfly cut if you’re an avid TikTok fan! This amazing hairstyle can be done at home with two rubber bands and a pair of scissors. All you have to do is separate your hair into two parts: the top and the bottom. Here is a tutorial from the fabulous Brad Mondo on how to recreate this look:

P.S. don’t listen to him about the wolf cut. News is that we will be seeing plenty of if the following year.


The wolf cut is heavily inspired by the mullet and shag hair that were all the rage in the 70s and 80s! If you like your hair short, but think the bob doesn’t give you enough volume… Then go for the layers! The wolf cut is very similar to jellyfish hair, so you can try this style too!

Tapered haircut with bangs for 2023


The hair trends of 2023 are HOT! But a classic style that gives you crazy volume with a flick of the scissors will always be fashionable. Did you know that bangs can actually enhance your look and make you look younger? Especially if you are over 50. They will skilfully hide the wrinkles on your forehead. That’s what I call a life hack!

Grey hair trend for women


Yes, technically it’s not a haircut. But in 2023, we are embracing our grey hair and revealing it for all to see! If you haven’t heard of the Silver Sisters movement yet, I urge you to do so soon! Women around the world are ditching hair dye and embracing their silver hair. And you know what? If you’ve started to lose your natural colour slowly but surely, there are many colouring techniques like gray blending… Or even adding highlights to grey hair to make the transition quicker. Take a look on the internet and find some inspiration!

Blow-drying long hair trends


Finally, you can achieve a lot of volume with any hairstyle you have! However, if your hair is layered, it will have much more impact and look more dramatic when you brush it. It’s literally the fabulous rock star girlfriend or 90s supermodel look that’s back in fashion once again! So grab your round brush or Dyson Airwrap (one of my colleagues wants it so bad!) and get to work!

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