Butterfly Haircut 2023: The new hairstyle will provide more fullness and volume in no time!

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We often do not know what we want, and that is completely fine! If we have short hair, then we dream of having long, оr the opposite. Whether pixie cut or a bob, short hairstyles are celebrating a huge comeback and are more popular this year than they have been for a long time. But as modern and cool they are, it is not easy for us to decide on such a radical change. But it doesn’t have to be, because it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact. And that is exactly what the butterfly haircut 2023 proves to us. What exactly is the butterfly haircut 2023? Who has the hairstyle, and how is it styled? You will find the answers to these questions as well as the most beautiful looks to copy!

What is the butterfly haircut 2023?

what is the butterfly haircut 2023 trends long hair

Pixie hairstyles for 2023 as well as the classic bob always look chic, but it is still not so easy for us to say goodbye to our long hair. And that’s where the butterfly haircut comes in! The haircut is perfect for anyone who wants a modern update but doesn’t want to commit to a short hairstyle. The haircut has already gathered more than 4.6 billion views on the social platform TikTok and is taking the fashion world by storm.

butterfly haircut 2023 hairstyles trends long hair layers volume


The butterfly haircut is a layered cut that creates the illusion of short hair. To achieve this, the top layer is separated from the bottom one and the layers then make a subtle transition. The lower part, on the other hand, remains long and from above the hair looks like the wings of a butterfly – hence the name Butterfly Haircut. In order to achieve a look that is as harmonious and elegant, the lengths are also complemented by gentle layers. This little trick gives the face a nice frame and it creates movement, which will bring a lot of volume to your mane!

long hair trends 2023 butterfly hairstyle

To create the illusion of short hair, you can pin the lengths up at the nape of your neck with either a small hair tie or several bobby pins and “hide” them under the tiers. And voilà – it looks like you’ve cut your hair off. The butterfly haircut 2023 is also a hybrid between a shag and the classic Brachel haircut and is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to slowly approach a short hairstyle.

Who can wear the butterfly haircut 2023?

who can wear the butterfly haircut 2023 layered hair trends

And here’s the good news! The Butterfly Haircut is perfect for all women! The trend hairstyle is super variable and can therefore be optimally adapted to any face shape and hair type, depending on the length of the shorter layers. It is particularly flattering for women with oval faces and makes them look slimmer and longer. While thin hair gains volume and elasticity through the stages, the butterfly cut takes the heaviness out of thicker hair and makes it fluffier and lighter. If you need more inspiration to spice up your hair, check out the spring haircuts 2023.

Can we do the haircut at home?

The butterfly haircut has become so popular in recent months that numerous influencers are uploading TikTok videos with instructions on how to achieve the trendy look at home. If you already have some experience with this and have professional scissors, then you can try to make the butterfly cut yourself. You can see exactly how this works in the video above. However, in order to avoid any mistakes and to ensure that your hair does not become a disaster, we would recommend that you contact a hairdresser you trust.

How to style the Butterfly haircut 2023?

how to style the butterfly haircut tips and tricks trends


The Butterfly Haircut thrives on its feather-light and airy volume. You get the voluminous look with a neat blowout à la the 90s, which you can achieve in the classic way with a round brush and a hair dryer. If you’re short on time for lavish styling, let your hair air dry, then style with some volumizing spray. The butterfly haircut also harmonizes very well with the trendy beach waves and provides a wonderful swing.

short version of the butterfly haircut to do in 2023

On the other hand, if you want to create the illusion of short hair, then tie the lengths at the nape of the neck with barrettes and then drape the top hair over them. Alternatively, you can also tie your hair into a casual ponytail. As you can see, the styling possibilities are really endless, and the butterfly haircut is always a great eye-catcher as a trendy hairstyle.

Ideas for the trendy hairstyle

hairstyle trends 2023 for long hair butterfly layers

The butterfly haircut for a fresh and voluminous look 

voluminous haircut ideas layers trendy long hair

These layers will give you more volume 

layers for more volume butterfly haircut ideas

The butterfly haircut can be styled in many different ways

styling ideas for a layered haircut 2023


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