We pesent you the Brachel haircut: The hybrit retro hairstyle that will give you XXL volume!

by Gabby

Are you ready to make an appointment with your hairdresser and fall in love with THE star hairstyle that promises to continue to cause a sensation during the following year? I present to you the Brachel cut: an ultra-trendy and inspiring hairstyle that is ideal for countering the gloom of winter. Where exactly did its name come from? What does it present and how to adopt it? What color suits him best? I reveal all about this hairstyle that has been seducing trendy girls for some time.

What is the Brachel haircut?

what is the brachel cut rachel green ideas for hairstyles in the winter 2023

Like a love at first sight, this hairstyle is one you will definitely ask your hairdresser for, I swear! But what exactly is it? So, the Brachel presents a hybrid cut that combines the iconic bangs of Brigitte Bardot with the famous cut of Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) in the Friends series. The result: a modern and airy hairstyle that rejuvenates and adds volume naturally to the hair. As for the origin of the name, needless to explain that it presents a mixture of the first names of the French actress and the American character.

Why should we try it out this year?

brachel haircut hairstyle rachel green bardot how to style it tips and tricks


First and foremost, this 2022 trending hairstyle advocates classic 90s layers, giving unmistakable structure and movement to the mane. Second, it is in particular the long curtain fringe of Brigitte Bardot that gives this 60s vibe to the whole thing. The classic look usually ends at the shoulders, but shorter versions exist too. All you have to do is adapt the Brachel to your morphology, as well as to the type of your hair. What do I love about this XXL hybrid cut? So, thanks to the many layers, the Brachel is bringing volume worthy of envy. In addition, the curtain bangs à la Brigitte Bardot and the side locks, frame the face to better enhance our facial features. Certainly, a woman’s cut 2023 that makes us want it right away! But before taking the plunge, it is important to note that styling the Brachel requires time and effort and is not to be taken lightly.

How to style the Brachel haircut?

how to style the brachel haircut run to the salon hairstyles 2023 natural volume

Know that the Brigitte Bardot 2023 hairstyle (and Rachel Green too!) goes well with a 100% natural texture. However, adding volume allows you to take advantage of the well-structured classic look. To succeed, a specific hairstyling is necessary. Shay Sullivann, the most famous person to wear the Brachel cut, shows us how to achieve styling success in a few steps. Let’s check out the video!



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First, prep your hair by washing it with shampoo and conditioner for volume. Apply mousse to damp roots and then use a heat protectant spray. Blow dry with a round brush to create volume and soft waves. Don’t forget to work in sections. Using curling rollers is a great option to consider. Finally, all that remains is to “seal” the Brachel with texturizing spray.

What hair color goes with the Brachel haircut?

what hair color goes with the brachel haircut the most in 2023 blonde or brunette

Frankly said, the Brachel is made to compliment blond hair! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t flatter brunettes. On the contrary! In fact, this hybrid hairstyle is suitable for all colors, and every girl can take the plunge without any problem. But now back to blondes! Brachel’s own structure and movement can bring out the light and shine in blonde hair the best. This is particularly the case with Shay Sullivann. To keep up with the trends, check out one of the top picks of hair color – tiramisu blonde hair in 2023!

hairstyle trends 2023 haircut brachel brunette rachel green

Brunettes, be brave and embrace the 2023 hybrid hairstyle trend that is guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you have lighter or darker hair, caramel, honey and so on, the Brachel will create volume and movement to end up with a very fashionable haircut.

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