How to Style Parachute Pants Like an Instagram Model?

by Stephanie Yankova

The saying ‘everything new is well-forgotten old’ has been the driving force in the latest fashion trends, and there is one star that’s been stealing the show – the Y2K parachute pants! They’ve certainly gone a long way from their birth in the 80s and their original name – flight pants. If you were lucky enough to have been born in this raving era of extreme fashion, chances are you probably owned a pair of the ripstop nylon trousers – and let’s be honest – you loved them! And why wouldn’t you? They’re an absolute statement piece, you never have to iron them (who’s got time for ironing in this economy anyway), and did I mention all the leg room? MC Hammer was definitely onto something! Luckily for us, this Y2K trend is in full swing and is here to stay! So whether you’re 50 or 15 – get ready for a flight with our tips on how to style parachute pants for every occasion.

 How to Style Classic Parachute Pants?

Hailey Bieber is probably one of the main celebrities to blame (or thank) for the pivotal comeback of the parachute pants. The great thing about styling them is that you don’t need much in order to achieve an effective casual look, and this outfit is a perfect example for that! A pair of nylon parachute pants combined with a white crop tee and a knitted crop vest in a contrasting color is all you need for a head-turning it-girl look. Add a pair of chunky sneakers and retro rectangle sunglasses to complement the ensemble and you’re good to go!



It’s Sunday morning, the Sun is shining, you may or may not have a slight hangover from last night, but you have a mission! A mission to be the best looking woman in the coffee shop with minimal effort. How do you do that? A plain pair of parachute pants and a simple black top will never fail you. Elevate the look with gold accents on your sandals, gold jewelry and a stylish mini bag.


Bella Hadid is the other famous face behind the rebirth of the parachute pants and her acute flair for vintage fashion lays at the foundation of her unique outfits which are so tempting to replicate! With this look casual meets business meets rock and roll – definitely not for the faint of heart, but a guaranteed head-turner!


This monochromatic look is the true embodiment of Y2K! Classic nylon parachute pants paired with a cropped square-shaped top, open toe sandals and long fingerless gloves will make anyone feel nostalgic in the best way possible.

 Cargo Parachute Pants – Wear or Tear?


If nylon isn’t your fabric of choice, but you still want to rock a pair of these timeless trousers, a great alternative is the cargo parachute pants. This off-white pair works perfectly with a knitted sweater in ripe olive color with details on the sleeves that compliment the color of the pants. Try adding a big leather shoulder bag for an effortless and chick look!


Age ain’t nothing but a number, and this outfit is the proof! A modern twist of the cargo parachute pants in combination with a short trench coat in pastel earth tones, and a pair of open toe sandals is a look appropriate for every age! If you’re a woman over 50 who is feeling nostalgic about this trend – this is your sign to give it another go! Style it up with a mini bag in bold, contrasting color and add a funky, colorful scarf around your neck as a homage to the Y2K era!


This is an elevated sporty look that shows an interesting play of patterns, colors and proportions. The cargo parachute pants in combination with an oversized varsity jacket and a beanie are a great look for girls who gravitate towards a more tomboy-ish look. However, you can quickly turn this outfit into an absolute showstopper when you add a pair of neon high heel stilettos and a mini bag with a colorful pattern.


It’s date night, and you want to feel comfortable, yet elegant? The cargo parachute pants come to the rescue again, this time combined with a cropped leather jacket and a classic cropped white tee. Add a pair of black leather boots to complement the jacket and for those of you who are not afraid to break the fashion rules – a headscarf or a balaclava would be an effective and unexpected accessory that will definitely make your outfit stand out in the crowd!

 Parachute Jeans – Will You Dare?


When it comes to fashion, sky’s the limit, and these blue parachute jeans will make any mature woman feel like a teenager again! Instead of wearing a belt, tie a shoelace around your waist and match it with a slim-fit graphic tee and a trendy pair of sunglasses with a colorful frame for a striking and modern appearance.


Spring is just around the corner and this effortless combination of denim parachute pants with a colorful striped top and big golden hoops is a winner in our book! Pair with open toe low or high heels sandals and a crossbody bag of the same color, and you’re ready to take over the big city streets!


The same parachute jeans can work just as well in a more minimalistic look with a plain white cropped top and mini shoulder bag. You can add a funky bucket hat for a pop of color.


It’s a night out in the city, you have a dinner date and want to hit the club right after? Who said that jeans can’t be classy – these black acid wash jeans styled with a dazzling sparkly strapless top or corset and a pair of pointy stilettos will most definitely leave your date in awe! Add a mini leather bag and a pair of colorful sunglasses to complete this effortless look.

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