French Halloween Nails 2023: 25+ Nail Decoration Ideas to Complete Your Outfit This Year

by Kremy

Halloween is coming, girls! Are you ready? Have you got your spooky costumes and makeup ready? And have you thought about your nail decoration? Want to try some of these original French Halloween nails? Here are over 25 ideas for your Halloween manicure that you will love!

French Halloween Nails 2023: 25 “Creepy” and “Spooky” Nail Decoration Ideas

original nail decoration halloween trend fall 2023

Halloween is one of children’s favorite holidays! But that doesn’t mean we adults can’t have fun too! If you’re a fan of scary costumes and makeup, you probably already have an idea of how you’re going to dress up this year. But all the details count and you should under no circumstances forget the decoration of your nails! And yes, all the reasons are good to make an appointment in the salon and treat yourself to new French Halloween nails 2023!

Halloween Nails Inspired By Frankenstein

french halloween nails 2023 frankenstein


Want a French Halloween nails idea, super subtle, easy to do and elegant at the same time? Opt for Frankenstein nail tips! You can use any color you want and even choose it to match your costume! Then use black polish to draw stitches across it to resemble the famous character.

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French Halloween Nails 2023 in Black and White with Spooky Details

french halloween nails 2023 in black and white

Here’s a Halloween nail art idea that is “spooky” and super elegant at the same time! What we love about this idea is that it is thematic, but subtle and you can wear it throughout the month of October to get in the party spirit! Simply make the tips of your nails black and white and draw scary but barely noticeable details, like bats or even spider webs on each nail.

Ghosts Through and Through

french halloween nails 2023 with ghosts

Ghosts are among the most popular symbols of Halloween! This is why doing French Halloween nails with ghosts seems like such a good idea! Instead of making the usual white line at the end of each nail, draw a cute little ghost with black eyes and you’re good to go! You can add a layer of clear polish with glitter to make your nails even more fun!

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French Manicure in White, Orange and Black

french halloween nails 2023 original diy ideas

This manicure idea is very similar to the French Halloween nails with spooky details. However, this time, in addition to black and white, orange is also added to some of the nails. Because, what is Halloween without pumpkin orange?!

Nail Tips in Orange with Interesting Details

orange french nails halloween 2023

And speaking of orange, what do you think of an all-orange manicure? Use pumpkin orange polish to decorate the tips of your nails and black polish to add Halloween details to the rest of your nails. It can be a spider web, a spider, the full moon or whatever you like!

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French Manicure in Black with White Cobwebs

decoration nails trend fall 2023 idea

Black French Halloween nails is a classic idea! It’s modern and classy at the same time and goes with every outfit! However, if you want to add a little oomph to it, you can draw thin cobwebs in white and you have the perfect French manicure for the party!

Pumpkin Nail Tips

french nails fall trends 2023

And here’s a super fun and cute nail decoration to celebrate Halloween that you can wear all through October and even November! Because after all, fall is pumpkin season, right? So instead of doing the classic white line, decorate the tips of your nails with orange pumpkins on a neutral-colored varnish!

French Tips with Drops of Blood

fall nails 2023 halloween french tips

This nail decoration is perhaps the most realistic in our collection! How about decorating your nail tips with bright red polish imitating drops of blood? Super scary! With such French Halloween nails, you are sure to receive lots of compliments!

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Nail decoration with different details on each nail

modern nail decoration manicure fall 2023

French nails with devilish details

red nail tips halloween 2023

Interesting Halloween nail art idea

red french tips halloween 2023 nails

Black and white nails with cat designs

scary nail decoration halloween french nails 2023

French ombre nails in black and red

french ombre manucure in black and red fall 2023

Long, sharp nails with cobwebs

original french nails decoration halloween trends 2023

French tips in bright red

red french tips halloween nails 2023

Two scary ideas

red and black halloween nails 2023

Subtle and elegant French nails

fall nails trends 2023 french tips

French manicure with negative space

nail art fall 2023 trends

Elegant negative space decoration

nail art ideas fall 2023

Nails decorated with black cats

modern nail art halloween ideas

Decorating idea in black and orange

fall french nails halloween pumpkins

Nude French nails with Halloween design

unique halloweennails black french tips

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