Fall French Manicure Trends and 25 Ideas That You Will Love to Try This Season!

by Kremy

Fall 2023 comes with new nail designs. Every fashionista will be able to choose something that will match her mood and lifestyle. Fall French manicure ideas are diverse and thanks to the variety of colors and styles, you will have the perfect nails throughout the season.

Fall French Manicure Trends – Colors and Decorations

25 fall french manicure trends and ideas

French manicure is relevant at any time of the year, and fall is no exception. The traditional white tips on a nude base is no longer the embodiment of elegance. Nail artists offer a huge number of different interpretations for long and short nails. Fall French Manicure trends include both bright and dark colors, interesting and original designs in a variety of styles.

fall french manicure trends colors and decorations


Fall nail color trends offer great shades to choose from – wine colors, chocolate shades, awesome emerald green or delicate moss green, etc. Of course, orange is one of the staple colors of fall, so it has a special place in nail art.

fall nail decoration 2023 french manicure ideas

Fall nail decoration can be bright or delicate, muted or expressive, so you can choose depending on your taste and personal preferences.

Fall French Manicure with Seasonal Drawings

fall french manicure with seasonal drawings

Fall French manicure with seasonal drawings is the first thing that comes to mind and this is hardly a surprise. Who doesn’t love the colored leaves and the soft mood that they create? Raindrops and umbrella? Sure! Maple leaves, fall berries and fruits will add playfulness to your manicure and you can use different techniques – stencil, stamping, drawing with a brush, etc. Combining trendy shades will only emphasize your beautiful nails.

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Nude French Nails

fall french manicure trends nude nails tips in muted colors

Nude nails remain among the biggest trends. Are you looking for a beautiful, natural and elegant manicure? Then nude French tip nails are the right choice for you! It is exceptionally gentle, soft and feminine. And you know what? It is perfect for almost any occasion! You can wear it at work, at a party, for a weekend trip in the mountains, etc. Chocolate shades are going to be a hit in fall 2023, but you can choose any other color to match the nail design to your outfit or mood – burnt orange, dark green, maple red, etc.

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Golden French Manicure for a Touch of Glamor

golden french manicure fall 2023 design trends

Fall is a great season for golden French manicure, don’t you agree? The days when gold was considered suitable for evening and festive nails designs are long gone! Nowadays artists offer numerous solutions for every day and gold French tip nails can be a distinctive feature of your seasonal look and style. Are you looking for chic and a bit of luxury? Go for gold!

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French Cat Eye Nails in Fall Shades

french cat eye nails trendy fall manicure

Stylish French cat eye nails in gorgeous fall shades will not remain unnoticed! Cat eye tips look great, unusual and the shimmering shades add a touch of magic and mystery to the hands. Choose darker shades like rust, deep browns, emerald green, blue or gray to make your manicure look even more luxurious.

Fall French Manicure Trends: Chrome French Tips Nails

fall french manicure trends chrome french tips nails

While we are on the subject of gorgeous fall French manicure trends, we can’t miss the chrome tips. Do you like delicate shimmer? Fall French manicure offers a lot of options and shades to choose from – silver, terracotta, gold, blue or green, etc.

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2023 Fall Manicure Trends: Barbie French Nails

2023 fall manicure trends barbie french nails

Pink Barbie nails were a hit in the summer but this trend will continue in the fall of 2023. How does it look on French manicure? Pink French tips are the easiest design. If you prefer a monochromatic look, choose a base in delicate pink for the base and a more saturated shade for the tips.

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Milk French Manicure

black and white milk french manicure

Milk nails allow you to create not only the most beautiful, but also a gentle design of your fall French manicure. Milk French manicure can be combined with a large number of other colors, from discreet to bright. Complement your fall manicure with gold, glitter, blue, red, light blue or black on a trendy milk base.

Abstract French Nails Designs for Fall 2023

fall french manicure trends abstract nail art

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Are you tired of the well known nail art designs? How about abstract French nails designs for fall 2023? Forget about rules and clear lines, forget about geometry! Abstract patterns are certainly not boring and will be one of the top fall French manicure trends! Swirl nails are one of the trendiest nail art trends in the abstract category and are super easy to do at home.

Photo Gallery: Fall French Manicure to Inspire You

metallic micro french gold tips

Velvet Nail Design Is Elegant and Stylish

fall french manicure trends velvet nail tips

Awesome Abstract Nail art on French Manicure

beautiful fall french manicure design ideas

Stylish Nude Fall French Manicure

chocolate shades are trendy in fall 2023

Criss-Cross French Tip Nail Design

criss cross french manicure fall 2023 ideas

Chocolate Shades are the Trend for Fall 2023

fall french manicure in trendy brown colors

Multi-colored French Tip Nails

fall french manicure trends colors design ideas

Orange is the Traditional Fall Color

fall french manicure trends orange and tortoiseshell french tips

Stylish Chrome French Tip Nails

fall french manicure trends stylish chrome nails

Tortoiseshell French Manicure

fall french manicure trends tortoiseshell french manicure

Fall French Manicure Color Combinations

fall manicure trends red and black french nail tips

Fall French Manicure in Brown Shades

fall nail color trends gradient french tips

Black and White French Manicure

milk french nails with black tips

Reverse French Manicure

reverse french nails fall manicure ideas

Soft and Moody Fall French Manicure

what are fall colors for french nails

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