Top 10 2023 Fall Nail Color Trends: What Fashionable Shades Will Dominate the Cold Season?

by Kremy

What are the top 2023 fall nail color trends? What are the fashionable shades that will make our hands look beautiful? Fall is the time of cozy evenings and if spring and summer manicure 2023 became a bright embodiment of fashionable nail trends, in the fall nail colors are much more calmer but not boring and monotonous. Let’s go and find out nail polish color trends for fall 2023!

2023 Fall Nail Color Trends: Barbie Pink

pink barbie nails 2023 fall trends manicure ideas

After the Barbie movie appeared in theaters all over the world, it is hardly a surprise that that pink manicures are on trend and will remain at the peak of popularity in fall as well. The variety of playful pink shades is endless and you can choose from pastel to bubble gum pink, especially in early fall when the days are still warm and sunny.

Viva Magenta – The Color of the Year

top 10 2023 fall nail color trends viva magenta


Viva Magenta was named the color of the year for 2023 by Pantone, and we are very happy with this color choice because it looks amazing on nails. If you haven’t tried this color yet, don’t miss your chance to wear this energizing color. Viva Magenta is a fabulous blend between pink, fuchsia, pink and purple and looks beautiful on both short and long nails.

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Fall 2023 Trending Manicure Colors: Scarlet Red

2023 fall color trends red manicure

Red has always been considered the color of passion and love. That’s why women love it so much. Bright red is back as one of 2023 fall nail color trends. This classic color has stood the test of time. Red is a strong and so versatile that you hardy need to do anything to make it look better. It always speaks for itself! Red manicure looks awesome on both short and long nails. In terms of nail art ideas, the diversity and versatility of designs is endless.

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Mauve Is the Calm Fall Shade

mauve nail color 2023 fall trends

Some call mauve color “the new pink”. This calm and muted shade is the perfect choice for your fall manicure. Being in the neutral palette, it goes with any outfit. Do you know what’s best? You can even wear at the office!

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Wine Nail Colors

wine red nails fall 2023 color trends

Wine nail colors include burgundy, marsala, red wine, deep purple shades that are exceptionally elegant and ideal for the cooler period of the year.

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Chocolate Shades

top 10 2023 fall nail color trends

Warm chocolate shades that go well with clothes in any color and skin tone will be trending in the fall. The brown palette looks especially well with clothing in beige, orange and earthy tones.

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Nude Nails

nude nails fall 2023 color trends

Nude manicure is universal remains among the top trends for 2023. It is universal and suitable for any occasion – in the office, on a romantic date, at a wedding. Milky nude combines the beauty of Milky nails and the gracefulness of the nude palette. Are you looking for feminine and sophisticated fall nails? Opt for nude!

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Emerald Green Nail Color

trendy fall manicure colors emerald green cateye nails2023

Emerald green nail color looks rich and luxurious. It is the choice of confident and bold women who are not afraid to draw the attention to their hands. The color is rich enough and does not require abundant decoration. To make it calmer, choose shorter nail length because stiletto nails may look too aggressive and provocative in this color. With a glossy finish, the shine of emerald green color makes the nails amazingly attractive and turns them into jewelry.

Moss Green Nail Polish tor the Fall

moss green nail color fall 2023 manicure trends

Forest green colors were trending through spring and summer and for the coming fall the moody shades replace the bright ones. Moss green nails look best with a glossy finish. The shade is calming and perfect for cold weather.

Denim Blue and Navy Blue Nails for Fall 2023

denim nails fall 2023 color trends

The blue color palette has been steadily at the peak of popularity for several years now and it is logical that we shall continue to choose it in the fall. However, as we talk about 2023 fall nail color trends, we have to point out that not all shades will be trending. The blue nail polish palette for fall 2023 offers the soft muted shade of denim as well as the rich navy blue color. Denim shades vary from lighter to darker. You can wear denim manicure every day and it will be great if you match it with the color of your favorite jeans.

navy blue nails fall winter 2023 2024 trends

Dark navy blue as well as carbon blue will also attract the attention of fashionistas in the colder months. The rich dark tones emphasize your hands and give them an exclusive look.

Burnt Orange

fall 2023 nail color trends burnt orange

Last but not least, the traditional color of the season – orange will return to our nails in all its falling leaves variations. If you need a vibrant manicure color, that will embody the seasonal foliage or the Jack-O-Lanterns in October, choose one of the orange shades.




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