The Kim Kardashian Bob Haircut Effect: See Which 6 Other Celebrities Said “Yes” to the Short Chop!

by Stephanie Yankova

What’s this fall’s trendiest haircut going to be? Our favorite celebrities have spoken, and the verdict is in – this new season will be all about the BOB! Long short, choppy, bangs, no bangs – there is no wrong choice here. Autumn’s knocking on our door, so we better welcome it in style! One thing is certain – the latest Kim Kardashian bob haircut is slowly paving the way! Here are all the celebrities that recently went for the short chop – are you going to be the next one in line? Scroll down to find out!

The Stylish Kim Kardashian Bob Haircut

kim kardashian new bob hairstyle skims campaign august 2023

Getting a short haircut is a bold move to make, especially if you’ve been rocking your long locks for a long time. On the flip side, cutting your hair is incredibly liberating, almost like a ritual for self-reinvention. When Kim Kardashian softly launched her new chin-length bob during her SKIMS campaign, it’s safe to say that for the first time, it wasn’t the lingerie that drew people’s attention. The sleek Italian bob was a shock for the public followed by a number of humorous remarks. As far as we’re concerned, the sleek face-framing bob is an absolute win that flatters Kim’s oval face perfectly!

Hailey Bieber’s “Cinnamon Cookie Butter” Autumn Wavy Bob

hailey bieber wavy bob cinnamon cookie butter hair color 2023


Just in time for the fall season, Hailey Bieber gave us another stunning hair trend to look up to! She not only refuses to have an awkward stage while growing out her super short chop, but you can count on her to turn it into a fashion statement. Her new hair color has been labeled by her hairstylist as “cinnamon cookie butter” and we are OBSESSED with it, to say the least!

Keke Palmer’s Bubble Bob

keke palmer new bob haircut middle part curtain bangs

It’s a new era for Keke Palmer! Amidst her recent breakup with Darius Jackson and her recent cameo in Usher’s new music video (where she throws shade at Darius like the savage Virgo she is), she debuted a stunning new bubble bob do! When it comes to revenge haircuts, this sexy layered short chop with face-framing curtain bangs is definitely one worth copying!

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Coco Rocha’s Voluminous French Bob

coco rocha bubble bob side part new trendy celebrity hairstyle 2023

The world-renowned supermodel Coco Rocha recently debuted a stunning voluminous shoulder-length bob on the cover of Fashion magazine, and we are nothing short of stunned! I’m not sure if it’s the chop, Rocha’s mesmerizing gaze, or the edgy photoshoot, but I have been successfully converted to the bob gang! What I’ve always loved about this haircut is that it has the power to transform not only your appearance but the way you carry yourself, too! It’s an instant confidence booster that makes you feel like the main character in a French indie movie, and I am HERE for every second of that feeling!

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Anne Hathaway’s Alluring Bob with Choppy Bangs

anne hathaway french bob choppy bangs hairstyle 2023

There really isn’t Anne Hathaway has ever worn or done with her looks that I haven’t gasped at! It’s the “good girl gone bad” image that gets me every single time, and this Elle cover photoshoot is no exception! This trendy wet bob with choppy bangs flatters her rectangular face in an awe-inducing way! If you’re someone with angular features and an elongated face, this short chop is the perfect modern edgy haircut for you to try!

Zoe Saldana’s Caramel Long Bob

zoe saldana long bob middle part trendy modern celebrity haircut 2023

During her press tour with Nicole Kidman for their new series “Special Ops: Lioness”, Zoe Saldana debuted a stunning new caramel lob! The sleek shoulder-length haircut with sun-kissed lowlights is the perfect low-maintenance hairdo for the upcoming fall season! The blunt line with rounded edges gives this haircut a soft, romantic appearance. The middle part, on the other hand, gives off an elegant and put-together vibe. The versatility of this long bob is endless, and the final look is 100% worth it!

Jennifer Garner and Jenna Ortega’s Matching Long Layered Bob Haircuts

jennifer garner jenna ortega new long bob layered hairstyles 2023

Less than 24 hours ago, Jennifer Garner posted an advertisement post on her Instagram page alongside Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega and for a split second I was convinced I’m seeing double! Who needs to match outfits when you can match haircuts? The two A-listers debuted with a bang their brand new layered long bob haircuts with stunning curtain bangs! Are you, like me, considering getting this haircut after seeing how stunning the two Jen doppelgängers look? Well, you can never go wrong with a layered lob! It looks just as good on people with thin hair, as it does on those with thick locks and flatters pretty much every face shape!


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