DIY French Bob Haircut – Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Getting it Right!

by Radost P.

How to cut a French Bob haircut at home, without wasting time and money in visiting a professional? Which expert tips to keep in mind in order to get the perfect hairstyle?

Expert Advice & Guide to Getting a DIY French Bob Haircut!

how to diy bob haircut

If you are not a professional hairstylist or do not have enough experience in this area, it can be challenging for you to achieve the perfect haircut all on your own. Especially when it comes to a delicate hairstyle, like the classic French Bob.

Gather the Necessary Tools

hair cutting tools


The very first step is to get stainless steel and high-quality cutting shears. Do not use household scissors as they may damage your hair. Ensure that you have good clippers, as you will use them to cut the Bob. Don’t forget about the hair razor, as it is helpful for the shaping and trimming part. 

Ensure That You Have a Comb and Ties

hair comb and hair ties

You will need a hair comb in order to create even sections, while the ties will help you to keep them out of the way as you are cutting the French Bob. You can find some quality ones in the local drugstore.  

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Clarify the Style of Your Haircut

clarify the style of your haircut

No matter if you are the person who is going to cut the French Bob or someone else, you should be clear on the specific style that you are aiming to achieve. If you are like me, you would definitely not want to get a haircut that is not the exact length that you initially wanted. 

Wash Your Hair

wash your hair to prepare it

Before starting with cutting a French Bob, wash your hair properly with a shampoo and conditioner and leave it to air dry. In case you have waves, blow dry your hair as otherwise it might appear way too longer. 

How to Cut a French Bob at Home? Divide the Hair Into 3 Even Sections!

divide your hair into three sections

Divide one section for each side of your head and one section at the back. Use hair ties to secure the three even sections of hair, while making sure that you do not tie them way too tightly. 

Cut Off the Back Section

cut off the back section of your hair

Use a small hand mirror in order to see the back ponytail, while cutting the hair. In case you prefer a longer French Bob, move the ponytail down. On the other hand, for a shorter version of the cut – move the ponytail up. 

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Use the Hair Razor

use a hair razor to cut the sides of your hair

Shape the side sections, by using a hair razor, according to the length that you prefer the French Bob to be. If you prefer a straight Bob look, cut both sections in such a way that they are in line with the back section. 

Add Layers and Blend the Ends

how to cut a french bob at home

Layers are the perfect option for you in case you have a thin hair and prefer to add some volume. To create a polished and finished version of your French Bob cut, blend the ends of your hair.

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