How to Remove Bad Vacuum Cleaner Smells in 5 Simple Steps!

by Radost P.

Why does your vacuum cleaner smell bad? How to prevent this annoying issue and how to eliminate foul odors?

How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner That Smells, According to Experts?

what causes vacuum to smell

I can imagine how uncomfortable you might feel in your own home as a result of the smells coming from your vacuum cleaner. This is absolutely normal, if you have not taken care of it since a long time. So, what should you do now in order to deal with this problem as fast as possible?

Empty the Dust Bin

empty the dust bin


The best way to deal with the unpleasant odors, coming from your vacuum cleaner, is to replace the dust bag with a new one or just wash it properly. If there is a container, empty it and use a toothbrush to remove all debris and dust. 

Clean the Brushes

clean the vacuum cleaner brushes

According to experts, it is wise to clean the brushes at least two times per year. Fortunately, most of them are easily removable, no matter the brand, so the only thing you have to do is to soak the brush in a soapy, and warm water. You could also add vinegar or small amount of bleach. 

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Clean the Filters

clean a vacuum filters

Similarly to bags and containers, filters also need to be cleaned or replaced from time to time. Keep in mind that they are made from delicate materials, so you should be careful not to damage the surface. If you have pets, it is best to change the filter due to the accumulated pet hair. 

Take Care of the Hose

how to clean a vacuum hose

This is another component of your vacuum cleaner that you should not forget to clean and maintain. In case the hose is short enough, you could soak it in a solution in order to eliminate the buildup and dust. Use the bathtub for cleaning longer hoses.

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smell?

Pet hair contains dander, which leads to the development of bacteria and foul odors. Another reason for these unpleasant smells is mold, which can be found in vacuum containers and bags. Lastly, excessive dust that have not been removed for a long time might also be a cause. 

How to Prevent Bad Smells in The Vacuum Cleaner?

prevent bad smells in vacuum by using baking soda

You could use two natural options – baking soda or essential oils. Add a bit of baking soda to the vacuum container (a tablespoon or two) or a vanilla fragrance that will quickly spread across your house.

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Use a Natural Odor Eliminator

use a natural odor eliminator

Cinnamon is a strong odor eliminator that can remove odors, coming from pet hairs. No worries about safety issues – you cannot damage your vacuum cleaner by adding just a tablespoon of cinnamon. Other alternatives include orange or lemon peels.

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