2023 Long Shaggy Bob for Women Over 50: The Most Flattering Haircut

by Gabby

Do you want a hairstyle that makes you look 30 when you’re actually 50? Do you want to make your thinning hair look thick and shiny? It’s actually quite easy to do with the right haircut! Let us show you how to look effortlessly chic! What is a long shaggy bob for women over 50? Who can wear it? How to style it?

Long Shaggy Bob for Women Over 50: The Most Flattering Haircut

long shaggy bob for women over 50 with bangs 2023

It is very easy to achieve a rejuvenating effect with all these innovative technologies and treatments that look promising. But, let’s be honest! Not all women want to undergo these interventions, nor do they have the time and money. For that, there is a much better solution and method such as trying a haircut that will take off at least 10 years. Guaranteed to make you feel younger instantly! And don’t forget that how you feel on the inside will show on the outside.

Without further ado, we present you the long shaggy bob for women over 50. Are you familiar with the lob haircut? Essentially, they are the longer version of the bob, and usually the length is medium or just above the shoulders. The shaggy hairstyles are famous with their effortless layers that will add dimension and movement to your hair. If you want to adapt this kind of haircut in 2023, you should try it with wispy or side swept bangs!

Lob Shaggy Haircut for Women Over 50 with Highlights

lob haircut shaggy balayage highlights women over 50 2023


Like we said before, there’s no Shaggy haircut without layers! Even if you have straight hair that doesn’t undergo a lot of processing, you can make it look voluminous after 50 by doing a long Shaggy bob and adding highlights. The highlights are one of the best proven methods to create the illusion of thicker hair.

Shaggy Lob with Blunt Bangs Over 50

shaggy lob with blunt bangs over 50 layered haircut women

If you are afraid to cut your hair short after 50, you can easily come up with the solution – long bob haircut. The shoulder-length haircut will give you the best of both world truly! And if you want to hide away the wrinkles on your forehead, think about adapting blunt bangs. They are easy to maintain and you can do them at home, if you are good with the scissors.

Asymmetrical Long Shaggy Bob with Highlights Over 50

asymmetrical long bob shaggy haircut women over 50 highlights

The long shaggy bob is not enough to change your look? You need to spice things up even more? We’ve got you covered! The asymmetrical cuts for women over 50 are very popular and they are easily adapted by many right now. They create the illusion of thicker hair at the top and are easy to maintain. Normally, if you adapt a shaggy cut with layers, you can also do wispy bangs.

Textured Long Shaggy Bob Over 50

textured shaggy lob for thin hair over 50

Can we all take a moment and appreciate this rock style textured long bob haircut? Is it easily adaptable by women over 50? Some might think otherwise, but let me tell you that adapting a chic cut that comes straight from the past, is something super fashionable in 2023. The textured long bob over 50 will give you a youthful appearance and will flatter you!

Long Mullet Shaggy Bob with Highlights Over 50

long mullet shaggy bob with highlights women over 50

Did someone say pink highlights over 50? Yes! The shag haircuts are already a bold choice for the mature ladies, but if you are going to adapt one anyway, do it in style! Let’s show off your edge in 2023 with some pink strands in the hair and a trendy lob haircut!

Long Shaggy Bob Hairut for Thin Hair Over 50

shaggy long bob women over 50 haircut for thin hair

Is your hair thinning after the 50s? Don’t worry! Many women have the same issue at that age, and sometimes a shampoo and conditioner might help. However, you have to do something with your haircut first. If you have thin hair, think about doing a shag haircut with wispy layers that create this flawless voluminous effect. It will certainly transform your entire look and your hair will appear thicker.

Long Shaggy Bob for Grey Hair Over 50

long shaggy bob for grey hair over 50

Can you wear a long shaggy bob if you have grey hair? Absolutely! This hairstyle looks amazing on anyone who is not afraid to cut their hair and create layers. The face-framing layers will give your grey locks a new life and they will look effortlessly chic!

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Medium Shag Bob Haircut Over 50

medium shag bob haircut for women over 50 2023

The medium bob shag haircut is versatile and you can make it fit to your taste perfectly. You can even adapt it with layers that go towards your face. These types of layers are face-framing and it will highlight your facial features.

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