10 Activities to Do As a Couple When It Rains to Brighten Up the Relationship!

by Kremy

Suppose you want to spend the whole day walking around, visiting museums and eating out with your partner. But the weather decided otherwise and canceled your plans with a downpour! Ouch! I’ve been there! However, as a homebody, I have always managed to find fun activities to do at home! Here are 10 activities to do as a couple when it rains!

fun things to do as a couple

10 Activities to Do As a Couple When It Rains!

Yes, watching a movie when it’s raining outside seems to be the first idea that comes to mind! But let’s face it. It’s boring! And the simplest answer. There are plenty of other ways to spice up your relationship and have fun together at home! Spending time with your loved one is a special time and doing activities together brings you closer to each other. Luckily, my boyfriend loves staying home and we like spending time together doing various activities. Whether it’s playing games together, cooking, or learning new things about each other, you just might find what you’re looking for! Discover 10 activities to do when it rains to nourish your relationship, have fun and fall deeper in love!

evening activities to do as a couple


Have a Picnic at Home

have a picnic at home

Have you planned a picnic under the blazing colors of the setting sun? While this romantic idea makes your heart beat with joy and ignites it with excitement, it can be quickly extinguished by the rain falling outside. But stop! Why not have a picnic in the living room or in the bedroom? Just put a blanket on the floor, some of your favorite meals, light some candles and put some jazz in the air! This cozy, intimate atmosphere will allow you to feel more at ease and talk about anything and everything without fear of what others might think!

Wine and Painting Evening

There are events, which you may have heard of, where people get together, drink wine and paint. Sounds like a wonderful evening to spend with your loved one in the comfort of your own home. Even if you can’t paint, you can try making a fun portrait of your loved one. Laughter and fun are guaranteed!

Play Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? Dig into your cupboards and pull out your old games, grab something to drink, put on some music and let the competition begin! A word of advice though: don’t play Monopoly if you’re impatient! The most popular board games are boxed escape rooms, Jenga, Dixit and many more! You can even pull out a puzzle and have a quiet, relaxing evening together.

Do a Photo Shoot

what can couples do together at home

Do you like taking pictures or pretending to be a model? Put on your favorite clothes, do your makeup, do your hair and have a couple’s photo shoot. Take turns taking a photo of each other, or set up the camera and create works of art together. It’s a really fun experience and you can even update your Facebook profile with a new photo!

Make a Nightclub at Home

what are the best activities to do as a couple when it rains

Are you a party animal? You wanted to go out and have fun with your partner, but your plans were ruined by the pouring rain that hit the city? Don’t worry! Bring the nightclub into your living room! Turn up the music, dim the lights and help yourself to a drink! Dance and laugh together. It’s a great way to bond!

Play Co-Op Games (Couples Games at Home)

couple games at home

My favorite among all activities to do as a couple when it rains? Playing video games with my boyfriend! Even if you’re not a gamer and don’t even know how to learn keyboard commands to move your character, try simple cooperative games. A great co-op game I started playing with my other half is called “It Takes Two” and tells the story of a broken family. One of you plays the wife and the other the husband. Throughout the game, you will have to complete many fun challenges in order to renew and rebuild your relationship. It’s so much fun, you’ve got to give it a try!

A Romantic Evening at Home

What can you do as a couple when it’s raining? A date night! Do you want your spouse to fall in love with you again? Prepare a special evening for him! Yes, going out to a restaurant is good, but bringing the atmosphere home is even better! Order your favorite foods, dim the lights, play some music, put on your favorite outfit and spend the night talking and laughing with your other half.

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Cook Exotic Dishes Together

cooking together is a great activity for couples

A very fun couple activity that I discovered on TikTok is cooking together! But first, it consists of looking at a map of the world on the Internet. Then, with your eyes closed, you swipe your finger across the screen and wherever it lands, you have to prepare dishes from the local cuisine! For example, if you stop your finger in Japan, you can prepare sushi, miso soup, tempura, ramen, unagi and many other local dishes! Prepare them together and try something new and exciting!

Movie Night with Junk Food

We finally came across the couple’s movie night option! Yes, it is the most practical answer to the question: “What to do as a couple when it rains?” Prepare tea or hot chocolate, grab your favorite junk food and watch your favorite movies and TV series! It’s a great idea for a lazy day, even if it’s not pouring rain outside.

Prank Calls

And here is the last of the activities to do as a couple when it rains! Why not wake up the kids? Do you remember the prank phone calls we all used to make as kids? A little innocent fun won’t hurt and you and your partner will have a blast! Watch this video of Jenna Marbles where she makes prank calls with her husband Julien! It’s as hilarious as it sounds!


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