Reusing Plastic Bottles in the Garden: Create Both Beautiful and Practical Solutions Just from Waste!

by Snezhana Besarabova

If you are a nature lover or environmentally conscious person, reusing plastic bottles in the garden may easily become an inspiration cause for you. By embracing this eco-friendly idea, you can contribute to a greener and more beautiful world, giving free rein to your imagination in creating fascinating structures. What are the main ways to repurpose plastic bottles in your garden? How to enhance your green space with these artistic and practically useful plastic constructions?

How to Use Plastic Bottles in the Garden?

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There is a growing number of gardening enthusiasts, which are embracing the ecologically friendly way, in combination with innovative techniques to embellish their green areas. One such growing popularity approach is reusing plastic bottles in the garden. All you need is just a little desire and spirit of creativity, and on the other hand, some devotion to the idea how to reduce waste. The rest of the task is to convert plastic bottles into beneficial means and constructions, which create a sustainable and imaginative garden environment.

Can I Use Plastic Bottles for Plants?

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Plastic bottles are an ideal material when it comes to placing plants inside them or improve your watering systems. Only free your imagination, like for performing the following simple ideas:

Building a Self-Watering System

Cut the bottom off a used plastic bottle and turn it into the soil near your plant. Fill the bottle with water, and while the soil dries out, water will slowly penetrate from the bottle to the roots of the plant, ensuring a permanent supply of damp. This approach is particularly beneficial for vegetables and flowers with permanent water needs.

Bottles for Seedling Starters

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This is another interesting way to reuse plastic bottles. Cut the top part off a bottle and drill a few drainage gaps in the bottom. Then fill the bottle with potting soil and plant the necessary seeds. The transparent material of the plastic creates an ambience of a mini greenhouse, ensuring high temperature and humidity to make easier the germination of your plants. After the seedlings have grown to the desired height, it’s time to move them into the garden beds.

How Do You Make a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse?

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Creating a greenhouse from this kind of waste is an emotive undertaking for every nature lover, with respect to eco-friendly ideas of reusing plastic bottles in the garden. This idealistic way of constructing makes it possible to extend the growing time and defend your plants from severe changes in weather. There are some guidelines, which show you how to make your own plastic sustainable greenhouse:

  1. Gather the plastic bottles: Collect a considerable amount of them. It’s better to choose ones of the same size for equability in your greenhouse construction.
  2. Make the frame: Determine what will be the sizes of your greenhouse and build a frame from wood, PVC pipes, or other stable material. It will serve as a base onto which the building elements will be attached.
  3. Wash and cut the bottles: Clean them entirely to be sure there are no any residues left. Cut their bottoms, as well as remove their caps. This building material will be attached over the frame.
  4. Put together the building materials: Attach the cut bottles to the frame in rows. Let them partly overlap, so they to interlock each other and build a robust structure. With the help of screws or glue, assure the bottles to the frame.
  5. Add vents: In order to maintain temperature and humidity, let some of the bottles to be unattached or mount adjustable vents in the greenhouse structure.
  6. Find suitable location: Search for the best spot for the greenhouse in the garden with enough sunlight. Set up the plastic structure and anchor it reliably to the soil.

What Are the Benefits of Reusing Plastic Bottles in the Garden?

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The DIY ideas of reusing plastic bottles in the garden present multiple benefits, not only for the gardener, but for the ambience:

  • Reducing waste: When repurpose the plastic material, you lower the waste in landfills and help to decrease pollution of the place where you live. This is an ecologically conscious option, which will cut back the carbon footprint.
  • Affordability: Plastic bottles are affordable and often free, which is a cost-efficient option, and with their utilization there is no need to buy at least part of the gardening tools and structures.
  • Water efficiency: The self-watering systems, made from this kind of waste, let the water distribute effectively, reaching straight to the plant’s roots, which lowers their loss through runoff or vaporization.
  • Better seedling growth: Seedling starters made from this waste material offer a manageable ambiance for plant germination. The transparent walls keep the needed warmth and water levels, ensuring a good start of your seeds’ growing.


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