20 clever ideas for using empty wine bottles in the garden

by Kremy

wine bottles garden border

Use the colorful and stylish wine bottles in the garden. These simple ideas will inspire you. After a party night out with friends or just a couple of nights at home you certainly have a lot empty of them. Of course they have to be recycled, but you can use them again in a creative way.

flower bed border wine bottles garden ideas colors


Building a flower bed border from empty wine bottles is an interesting idea to re-purpose the everyday waste. The border of colored glass creates a colorful work of art, especially when the sun’s rays play with it. This installation is extremely easy. You need to plan only the colors and shapes.

wine bottles garden decoration idea tree

Empty wine bottles can be transformed into fine garden decorations with just a little effort. The easiest garden decoration is a tree. Wash your them, remove the labels and arrange them on the tree branches.

bottles garden vases table decoration ideas

This is not a new idea when it comes to decorating wine bottles, but it is one of the easiest and most useful. You can transform them into decorative vases, especially for long-stemmed flowers. If you want to cut them in half, you will find below a video that explains this process very well.

bottles garden candle chandelier

Wine bottles can be recycled in many other creative ways. They can be used as planters, for example. One of the most popular ideas is to craft chandeliers from them. Those are quite suitable for outdoors and will be a beautiful decoration for a garden party, especially if you add candles, which will make the atmosphere really romantic. You could arrange string LED lights in wine bottles and arrange them in a spectacular way as a garden decoration. Enjoy the gallery and the creative ideas below.

bottles garden fence colorful glass idea

candle holder empty wine bottle cutting decor

wine bottles in the lighting candles ideas lanterns

bottles bar color effects lighting idea
bar idea wine bottles lighting effects
bottles in the garden decoration plant hanging
wine bottles in the garden planter concrete
bottles installation decoration
bottles in the garden airlie gardens
bottles garden decoration ideas colored glass
wine bottles bird seed DIY
bottles in the lighting ideas party
torch bottles lighting idea



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