The amazing hanging bed that lulls you gently to sleep

by Kremy

beautiful hanging bed

Something completely different, a super innovative design, ideal both for adults and children. This fabulous piece of furniture presents a beautiful hanging bed of John Huff. Instead of standing on the floor, this beautiful piece of furniture is suspended from the ceiling. The design of the floating bed presents fantastic aesthetics, but even more than this. According to John Huff (when interviewed in You Tube), it is also very good for your health.

beautiful hanging bed bedroom furniture


Maybe it’s a fantasy idea of ​​being gently rocked to sleep, but that’s exactly why the amazing hanging bed was designed. Its charming conical shape looks like a small tent or hanging capsule which can be decorated in many exciting ways. The sleeping place is extremely comfortable with an adjustable round mattress to provide the best support for many forms and people. The gentle rocking motion of the hanging type of bed is not only soothing, but also apparently good for blood circulation. So this suggests that you may have improved your overall health while you sleep.

beautiful hanging bed red curtains

Back to the fantastic appearance of the hanging bed. It can be seen from this beautiful gallery and the same can be dressed in a variety of ways to suit every taste. You can change the curtains slightly, because that can be easily slide over the base frame. In this way, the bed can be left in its simple but beautiful, simple condition, or it can be styled to be adapted to a particular interior design scheme.

beautiful hanging bed veranda

The amazing hanging design for a bed can be hung from a stable beam in the bedroom or on a frame outside – on a patio or decked area. Imagine, relaxing in the fresh air while you are comfortably lulled into a blissful nap with curtains to protect you from too much sun and nasty biting insects. This is definitely a step up from the simple hammock.

beautiful hanging bed garden

hanging bed in a tent

beautiful hanging bed tent

beautiful hanging bed patio deck

beautiful hang bed design

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