Modern garden design – low cost construction in 10 easy steps

by Kremy

modern garden design low cost construction

Create the perfect garden in 10 easy steps – our tips and examples of modern garden design will provide you with useful and convenient alternatives.

Modern garden design step by step

Garden design patio garden pots gravel path


The owners of this garden have recognized the potential of the landscape and realized their own concept after a careful garden planning with simple materials. The end result is a small island of tranquility, which has proved particularly successful for a low budget.

The patio area before the modern garden design

low cost garden construction garden design ideas

Before the renovation the deck was covered with a cold concrete, there was a little free space for a small table and a grill. No real welcoming atmosphere where you can relax.

Green area with a slope – a challenge for the gardener

Gardening design surface landscaping

The small garden had a great green surface on a slope which is a challenge for the gardener. The grass area ended with several shrubs that required a lot of maintenance. It was clear that a modern garden design is needed.

Modern garden design – the concept of the new deck

construction on a budget garden stone wall building


With a clear plan in mind, the first logical step in the transformation of the existing patio was to expand the area. First, the owners have leveled the lot. A retaining wall was also built. DIY Tip – use the available – the extension of the deck has created more space for furniture and time and money was saved for a thorough renovation.

Organize irrigation

modern design patio deck DIY leveling

A plastic pipe has been placed along the retaining wall in order to drain the field. In a demarcated area, a 15cm layer was dug, so that the new patio floor can be installed.

Primer and leveling

garden construction patio deck DIY

The next step for the modern garden design was the primer. The area for the new terrace was primed – 7.5 cm were filled with fragmented limestone, followed by a layer of about 2.5 cm of sand.

New flooring for the patio

Deck flooring modern garden design ideas tips

If you are also looking for a new flooring for your patio, you can rent a tamper and thus flatten the earth. After you are done with this task, you have a perfect smooth finish. Take your time with this task – it’s very important that you do it right, otherwise the floor coverage can be destroyed with time. Only after the completion of the deck design you can continue the modern garden design.

The deck flooring

patio deck concrete plates covers step

In this case, the gardeners have opted for an interesting and unusual alternative – they have used tiles from concrete and the area between the concrete slabs was filled with river stones. The design is similar to the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. DIY tips – if some concrete slabs have to be cut to certain dimensions, you can ask a quarryman for help.

Construction and modern garden design – add a personal touch

Concrete slabs pebbles patio area design

As a result, a wide patio area has emerged, where a table for 10 people fit comfortably. But no garden is complete without a personal decoration idea. Tip – Mix different materials like wood, concrete and plastic. The contrasts give the area a spatial structure, and the neon colors of the chairs stands out against the natural hues of the plants.

Modern garden design  – outdoor kitchen

modern design deck patio kitchen dining set

Save yourself the constant walks to the kitchen and back and organize a buffet in the garden. An old planter was used to create a buffet for the patio.

Storage space – garden table for the patio

DIY table flower pots modern garden design

No modern garden design is finished without the necessary dining area. If you need more space in the garden for drinks and food – the owner has made this chic side tables by himself and here comes the guide:

Step 1 – You need a 61cm high chimney piece, depending on the size of the table top, you have. The exhaust pipe in terracotta color, which was used for this table has a diameter of 45cm. Set the pipe upright on the patio floor and fix it.

Step 2 – Place a wooden lattice on the pipe.

Step 3 – Place a glass top, between 0.62 and 1.25 cm thick, on the wooden lattice. You can cut the glass according to your dimensions and can polish the glass.

Modern garden design – a solid stone wall

modern design stone wall evergreen plants

The owners opted for this beautiful decoration, which combines a variety of stones. The stone wall is low and offers additional seating area, the perfect area to decorate with plants.

DIY a picnic table

DIY table wood interesting flowers

Without the matching picnic table for dining in the open air the design will look incomplete. This idea is suitable for a DIY project and offers more than enough space for the homeowners and their guests. Here are the instructions:

Step 1 – Cut cedar boards into different width and set it as a desktop by leaving little free space between the individual parts.

Step 2 – Cut 4 /or more, depending on the length of the table / cedar boards, whose length is the width of the table. Put them under the table as a connecting element and support.

Use the already existing

Brick column construction ideas

Remains from the patio construction and other materials that were found in the garden, have served as components of a column and flower pots made ​​of concrete. A brick column creates beautiful contrasts, has a rustic charm and reminds of the cottage style.

Exceptional landscaping with interesting decorative elements

Plants flower pot decorating

 Billiard balls were placed as a decoration in green flower pots. You can find more oustanding decorations at the flea market. Similarly here, you do not necessarily need large items for great effect. They should be waterproof, anyway!

Wood panels protect the privacy

DIY Wooden fence

In order to protect your privacy, you will need wooden panels. Here are the instructions how you can build them by yourself-

Step 1 – Prepare the place. You have to dig holes in the ground that are at least 106 cm deep. Optionally, you can rent a backhoe.

Step 2 – Position cedar wood beams in the holes, then fill it with pebbles and then soil. Ensure by leveling that the bars are straight.

Step 3 – Attach horizontal 1 * 4 cedar boards to the joists.

Interesting concrete pots

cool landscaping ideas evergreen plants concrete pots


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