Bedroom furniture – 20 ideas for a modern look

by Kremy

Bedroom podium ceiling lighting integrated wall light

The following bedroom inspirations impress with innovative ideas and a good sense of modern and timeless design. Use their help and arrange your bedroom furniture according to your taste and the modern design trends.

Ideas for bedroom furniture to make your bedroom cozy

Modern bedroom bed illumination wall panel ideas


Modern bedroom furniture always gives an airy feeling of space. Large rooms with floor to ceiling windows create the ideal background and give great creative freedom. Modern furniture is crafted from high quality materials with clean lines and thus provides a refined atmosphere. Contemporary outfit and functionality are the focus.

Simple bedroom furniture

Simple bedroom decorating ideas white minimalist design

The minimalist bedroom furniture that  gains more and more fans lately, emphasizes the refined appearance. The style waives any additional extras and details. A special emphasis is still placed on transparency, coupled with the use of large glass surfaces. Everything, which can be hidden, is sent in concealed storage spaces. White walls, ceilings and floors have an advantage here –  the neutrality of individual art objects have a good effect.

Designs that give a feeling of spaciousness

Black and white bedroom ceiling design idea carpet

A classic color combination of white walls or floors and black furniture creates the contrast between clean lines and neutral wall color. For modern bedroom furniture clear geometric and smooth matte or gloss surfaces are characteristic. Monochrome pieces of furniture without ornaments match the latest home fashion trend.

Place the matching accessories

Bedroom furniture ideas suspended ceiling mirror lights

You can complement your furniture with home accessories in matching style – abstract paintings, vases, curtains in bold colors, candlesticks, etc. It is the accessories that give the bedroom a cozy atmosphere.
Colors and materials that are suitable for modern living

Bedroom round bed accent lighting design

Modern style of living includes bright colors and striking color contrasts. Here wood, leather and plastic are used.

Modern living – furniture and walls with curved shapes

Modern bedroom designer bed

Loft apartment with character and strict geometric lines

Loft apartment white bedroom design

Exceptional decoration adorns the plain walls

Bedrooms granite flooring podium black white red

functional and beautiful to look at

Bedroom white bedding set green wardrobe indirect lighting

Bedroom with a bath tub

White bedroom freestanding bath tub lamps

Original lighting accent in the bedroom

Bedroom furniture wall decoration modern lighting

Wooden floor green wall decorating ideas bedroom

 Pieces of furniture and decorations are kept to a minimum

Canopy bed minimalist white bedroom

High quality designer items

Bedroom suspended ceiling lighting ideas

With furniture and wall colors, a full contrast effect can be created

High gloss bedroom black and white pendant light

Simple decoration style

White bedroom purple bedding playful ceiling design

 Hi-tech canopy bed design

Canopy bed design modern bedroom furniture hi tech

 Parquet flooring is suitable for the ambiance in a modern style

Bedroom simple wall mirror design segments

 Select a fluffy rug

Bedroom carpet abstract paintings fireplace




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