Modern bathroom design ideas and tips

by Kremy

Luxury beige bathroom moulded bathtub

Each apartment / house is different. The bathroom design can be made in different shapes and sizes. Installation of a bath tub or a shower depends on the space. First, you should measure the room and think about the color scheme. Some tricks that smaller bathroom appear larger – bright colors, white ceilings, large mirrors or mirror tiles, large, shiny tiles from floor to ceiling, solid-color walls and small accessories – small sink with sink cabinet with a simple form.

modern black bathroom freestanding bath tub


Steam shower modern bathroom design

Large bath will look cozy with warm colors and large accessories – a large bath tub, shower cubicle, large flower pots as decoration and artwork on the walls. The tiles should have a horizontal line. Small colorful mosaic is also a good option. Ceiling in a bold color will be visually lower. The right bathroom design can completely change the room.

purple bathroom cabinet pink wall

Mirror cabinets and sink cabinets are not only practical, they can also serve as decoration. Usually, it is the first thing on the center of the room where the sink is. Here it is important that the sink cabinet is designed according to the basin. This can be done even with minimalist design.

modern bathroom mirror black red cabinet sink

Designs for bathrooms also follow the trends. However, there are designs that never go out of fashion – the combination of gray tiles and white walls is timeless. Black is trendy, as well as granite stones. Brown makes the bath appear warmer and cozier. Pink and purple accents and colors are very modern. The color will ultimately depend on the preferences of the residents. The most important is that you feel comfortable and that the design meets your own taste. If the bathroom is comfortable and well lit, you can enjoy the space and really relax.

modern white bath tub granite flooring luxury

Luxury crystal chandelier

futuristic sink white

Modern steam shower black

brown modern bathtub mosaic tiles

modern Zebra stripes

Bedroom bath tub small modern apartment


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