Useful tips for garden design and garden path planning

by Kremy

Flooring garden design ceramic vessel

Paths and walkways are important elements of garden design and also meet a practical purpose. Several types of flooring, artwork and design options are suitable for the path construction. However, there are no fixed rules about how you have to plan a path  – only the size of the outdoor space and the personal preferences are to be observed.

Clay tiles garden path designs


In the garden design a paving stone for the path  is not always a must. Even the paving stones are available in different shapes, sizes and colors and can be applied differently, making it easy to walk on it. Gravel paving, stone paving and stepping stones are more suitable for high traffic routes. To lay stepping stones is very easy and requires no effort. The step slabs made of concrete are placed for example at a distance of about 60 cm. Clay brick for example, are also very durable and hard.

Romantic garden path patio planning

Paths with grass look very natural and comfortable. In the garden layout a path which serves as a lawn edge is a very practical alternative.

Winding path brick path

In the cottage-style landscape, the path may sometimes wild around overgrown bushes and shrubs. You may have a straight path, but if you have natural outdoor barriers, the garden path itself may also meander.

Asian paths design infrastructures

Garden path lawn design

Wooden slats path design ideas

concrete tiles path flower beds

Design motifs path planning

Lawn and white stone tiles flooring

Garden path design with grass in the gaps

Gravel path flooring

path design stone path design ideas

Lush architecture path stones


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