Garden path design ideas for effective garden design

by Kremy

Brick garden path design

Garden paths design, in addition to garden walls and flower beds are an important element of the landscape architecture and landscape construction. Why do you have to create a garden path? On one hand it meets mainly practical purposes – a straight walkway that extends centrally through the lawn, makes the connection between the different areas in the garden and serves as an optical barrier at the same time. On the other hand, it can serve as a lawn border that leads to the patio area or garden gazebo, or just meander through the garden among the flower beds.

Stones for garden paths wooden step stair gravel


When you think of you garden path design no special skills are required. We must, however, plan the path carefully, and if possible create a functional diagram. Straight paths are useful for quickly achievable goals, including a garden gazebo or a herb garden. However, a straight path design can also look boring. Curved garden paths have a romantic character. The curves should have a large radius and plants or trees are a good idea for borders.

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The garden path design will offer you the opportunity to arrange your own garden according to your personal wishes and needs and to emphasize your style. The imagination knows no bounds. A garden with a walkway looks much more maintained, even if the path is partly covered with grass. If you want to create a garden path, you have the choice of several materials and types of stone.

Natural stone garden path ideas design

You can use, in principle, natural stone, concrete, clean, paving stones, slabs, gravel, crushed stone, brick, gravel or pressure treated wood. The material selected for the pavement creates the optical connection between the house and the garden. Important garden paths that lead, for example, to the front door or the garage should be made of durable materials. It is important that you freed up the garden of weeds regularly. It will look great if you added solar lights that serve as a guide in the night.

Landscape design outdoor lighting solar lamps

Natural stone path bridge front

Mobile wooden panels garden path

Landscaping with stones patio area

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