DIY Garden decoration ideas – stone path from ornate stepping stones

by Kremy

DIY garden decoration Garden Path stepping stones

You want to create a stone path? Here’s our brief guide on DIY garden decoration and how you can design a garden path with leaf shapes by yourself. The idea is creative, but also very simple to make – and of course – cheap.

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It is an idea that will refresh the garden path, but once you have perfected the technique, you can use this as a DIY garden decoration. You need rhubarb leaf, concrete and simple garden accessories. The end result will surely be fascinating and is quite cheap. The short instructions step by step, see below. The best thing about the design is that it can have different sizes – and you can still practice the concrete leaves as decoration everywhere in your courtyard. You will surely bring the natural beauty of flowers to your design.

Tree Leaf DIY decorating ideas

Start to draw the contours of the leaf on the ground where the stone path is to be created. Each DIY garden decoration – leaf mold should be carved 7.5 cm deep in the ground. Put a layer of pea gravel 3 inches deep. Cover this layer with 1.5 cm thick layer of coarse sand. Prepare the concrete mixture by slowly pouring water into the material. Stir the concrete until it gets wet, and similar to peanut butter in thickness. Then fill each hole you have prepared for the stepping stones, evenly with concrete. Press the rhubarb leaf on the concrete, so that the side with the vein leaves marks on the concrete. Lift off the rhubarb leaf. If necessary, you can emphasize with a piece of wood the wires even more. Cover the stepping stones with a sackcloth, and let them dry out for a week.

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