DIY Idea for a mini garden pond in a mortar bucket and plants

mini pond garden mortar bucket camouflage plants

Building a mini garden pond in a mortar bucket is not so difficult, and sets a visually appealing accent in the garden. Instead of holding the vessel above the ground, where it is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, bury a pot into the ground so that it is surrounded by the soil. The mini pond looks especially attractive when surrounded by other plants and covered with natural stones.

Make a mini garden pond in a mortar bucket and cover it with stone slabs

mini garden pond mortar bucket stone slabs plant

mini garden pond mortar-bucket cover plants

To begin this project, you need a shovel, water bucket, sand or gravel, flat stones, aqua plants. Dwarf Papyrus, fringed water lily, Indian Canna, duckweed, Bacopa – For the planting of the mini garden pond, the following plant species are suitable.

Mini garden pond – Step-by-step guide

Mortar bucket round mini garden pond DIY idea

Mortar bucket quick guide

1. Excavation. Dig a hole slightly larger and deeper than the mortar bucket, so that its edge is tight with the surface of the earth. Make the same with the bottom of the hole and add a layer of sand or gravel, if necessary.

2. Placing into the hole. Set the mortar bucket in the hole and fill the gap around with sand, gravel or excavation to ensure that the bucket is safely in the hole.

3. Planting. Fill with water and let it stand for several days before planting a water lily, a small lotus, or three to five small potted plants and floating aqua plants. You can disguise the pot with flat stones, so that your mini garden pond blends harmoniously into the environment.

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DIY mini garden pond from flowerpot instructions

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