DIY Garden Arch Trellis: Support Your Climbing Plants with a Functional Art Creation!

by Snezhana Besarabova

One fantastic way to enhance your green area’s beauty and functionality, is by constructing a DIY garden arch trellis. This art creation not only serves as an attractive focal point, but also supports your climbing plants, allowing you to maximize the growing space. Do you mind diving in the world of crafts while making your wonderful trellis? If so, look through presented ideas and techniques for its building and choose which suits your style and budget.

Art Idea for a Metal Garden Arch DIY

how to make garden arch trellis with art vision metal arch

In case you are searching for a sleek and modern look, this kind of structure may be your great choice for a DIY garden arch trellis. With its clean lines and strength, a metal construction can turn into an amazing focal point in your garden. Here is how to build it:

  1. Take the materials: You’ll need metal tubing or rods, connectors, screws, a drill, and a saw for cutting metal.
  2. Set the design: Think for the height, width, and curvature type of your metal structure. Sketch out your design to view the final project.
  3. Prepare the metal tubing: Mark the designed lengths for the vertical sides and the top of the construction. With the metal saw, cut the tubing according to your plan.
  4. Connect the parts: Attach together the vertical sides and the curved top with the metal connectors. Then drill pilot holes and secure the connectors with screws.

Cheap DIY Garden Arch Trellis

how do you make a simple garden arch from bamboo eco friendly material


Making an impressive garden arch trellis doesn’t have to break the bank. With almost no resources, but a little more spirit of creativity, you can have your structure with which to embellish your green area. Here is the way how to make two cheap types:

  • Transform old items: Repurpose salvaged materials like old gates, headboards or wooden tables and ladders, and bring them new life, transforming them into a pretty garden construction. Add a fresh coat of paint and some modifications for a renewed eye-catching look.

cheap diy garden arch ideas from old door or table

  • Bamboo arch trellis: This natural and sustainable material, bamboo, is also inexpensive and famous for its possibility to serve successfully in making garden structures. Create a simple arch design from bamboo poles, securing them with zip ties or twine. The structure can be completed by adding some decoration like fairy lights or hanging baskets to further enhance this inspired by nature look.

bamboo arch diy garden arch trellis natural and ecologial

Lattice Arch DIY

This light wooden construction looks elegant in any garden environments. It’s easy to follow the instruction on how to make a lattice DIY garden arch trellis:

  • Prepare the materials: Buy some pressure-treated lumber, lattice panels, take a number of screws, and a saw.

lattice arch diy diy garden arch trellis


  • Sketch out the arch shape: Plan and design your dreamed lattice structure. Then sketch it on paper, marking the desired height, width, and form of the top curve.
  • Form the lumber parts: With the help of the saw, cut the lumber pieces for the arch sides and the top, corresponding with the proportions on your design plan.
  • Make the frame: Gather lumber pieces together and attach them using screws, forming the arch frame.
  • Complete the construction: Form the lattice panels to fit within the frame and attach them tightly with the screws (or nails).
  • Final touches: Sand the arch surface and apply a weather-resistant finish or paint to protect the wood and for a better appearance.

How Do You Make a Natural Garden Arch from Wood?

build garden arch trellis ideas made from branches for climbing plants

If you prefer a more natural and rustic look for your garden, this wooden structure is an ideal example for a smart DIY garden arch trellis idea:

  1. Gather your branches: Search for long, straight and sturdy branches from your garden trees, which are around 2 to 3 in (5-7.5 cm) in diameter. Check to ensure they are strong enough to support the weight of climbing plants.
  2. Fix width points on the ground: Fix the desired width of your arch and mark the corresponding points on the ground. Make them evenly spaced for a stable foundation.
  3. Prepare the holes: Dig your holes at the marked points. Be sure they are enough deep to securely anchor the construction.
  4. Assemble the construction: Put one end of each branch into their holes and fill with soil, firmly packing it to stabilize the arch. Interweave the branches in a gently curved shape at the top to form a natural arch.
  5. Strengthen the structure: Take a stable twine or wire to tie the branches together at the top, then check if they are firmly connected.
  6. Finishing touches: Trim any excess parts of the branches, removing the sharp edges. It’s possible to stain or seal the wood to protect it from weathering.

diy garden arbor trellis wooden from brances

Embark on your exciting project and watch as your garden transforms into a dreamed heaven with an art touch of an architectural elegance.

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