How to build a garden bench by yourself – 23 ideas for the garden

by Kremy

original garden bench design ideas yellow color

We will show you 23 ideas on how to build a garden bench by yourself. You can use old pieces of furniture to build the  bench or opt for a modern design with integrated planter boxes.

Bench wooden planter modern design


color flower boxes planting materials quick guide

DIY Garden bench guide step by step

To be able to build this bench for your garden by yourself you need a door made ​​of solid wood with panels, table legs made ​​of wood, glue, screws, sandpaper, paint and varnish, two flower boxes / hardwood /. Cut the two wooden panels of the door on both sides and attach the planters  as per the instructions on the picture. The planters will serve as supports for the garden bench. All you need to do is to decorate with plants and that’s it!

purple bench rustic style gravel stone

We have collected for you several ideas on how to build a bench in the garden by yourself – with enough bit of creativity you do not even need to invest in it. You can simply “cut” rustic wooden bench from a tree trunk. If you have old bar stools, you can turn these into a modern cozy seat with new cushions. Decorative wrought iron headboards are perfect for the backrest. Decorative stone pillars in the garden can serve as supports for a garden bench. Let yourself be inspired by these interesting and original ideas!

DIY patio bench yellow white color garden decoration


outdoor blue color balcony design

rustic bench DIY quick guide

rustic patio bench bamboo screens Mediterranean garden

cozy seat upholstery stool design ideas

blue wrought iron bench garden terrace design

blue wooden bench build yourself design ideas

Wrought iron bench stone wall house facade

Wrought iron patio bench garden design ideas

Garden pergola hedge plants design ideas

Wooden bench fruit tree garden design ideas


simple bench stone wall climbing plants

Stone bench rose garden design


Natural stone garden bench garden rustic style

garden seating area shrubs stone slabs flooring

Metal bench design idea stone slabs

small cozy bench design ideas

Patio patio design ideas roses




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