Garden paths design – ideas for stepping stones in the garden

by Kremy

stepping stones in the garden garden paths design ideas

Stepping stones in the garden can be a great addition to your outdoor landscape. Find ideas here about the design, the shape and size of the stones that would suit your style best.

Stepping stones in the garden



The garden path extends over this farm by creating beautiful patterns. The perfect place for a leisurely stroll. If your landscape offers plenty of space for a large garden, create a variety of intersecting paths. This path is easy to maintain because the stepping stones in the garden are lying in the green grass.

Stepping stones in the garden lead to a cozy arbor


Stepping stones in the garden are a great way to entice guests to a hidden place, like this cozy white arbor. Here the stones are in beautiful harmony with the landscape, clearly visible while maintaining an earthy charm. Blooming flowers and lush greenery are surrounding the path.

Match the design of the garden path with your patio area


Combine the garden path to the patio, by using the same stone for the flooring of the deck. Here the stepping stones in the garden lead to a small deck with the same kind of stone. The anthracite-colored tones provide a nice contrast to the dark green of the plants and get a natural look.

Stepping stones in different sizes



One of the nicest things about stone paths is that not every stone must have the same shape or size as the others. Once you have selected the color and design, choosing the shape and size is easy. Here is the garden path is designed with stones in random sizes.

Short distances from stone to stone for a leisurely walk


It is important to note the distance between each stone in the design of the walkway in your garden. Here the stones are arranged throughout the garden. If abundant blooms cover the landscape, larger stones are a good choice, since they are not overtaken by lush plantings.

Cut stone slabs for a symmetric shape


For a balanced look, you can get cut stepping stones in the right size and shape. Here the stones are cut ​​in a rectangular shape. The color contrasts with the lush green of the grass, so that the sidewalk is easily visible.

Stepping stones in the garden pond


A unique idea with stepping stones in the pond, which serve as an impromptu bridge. Make sure that they are stable.

 Fill the space between the stones with moss


When you create garden paths, make them look as if they were always surrounded with beautiful garden decors. Here blooming flowers are stretching to the pavement, while moss fills the gaps between the stones and the stepping stones blends with the surroundings.

Round stepping stones


Round stone tiles are a practical way to create a garden path. Here a variety of stone slabs are placed over the yard, so that it is easy to move from place to place. Each tile is made of the same material and cut into the same size to maintain the continuity and symmetry.

 Checkerboard pattern with lawn and stone slabs

stepping-stones-in-the-garden-path checkered pattern

Checkerboard pattern is a great way to create a unique design in your garden. Here the light stone creates a beautiful contrast against the dark green of the grass, which act as the dark squares of the chessboard. Your checkerboard pattern can be either large or small, depending on the size of the slabs.



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