DIY Pin board with a frame – easy craft and simple instructions

by Kremy

pin board do it yourself with wooden frame

This fabulous idea for DIY pin board is very easy to implement and has a practical as well as decorative value.  Follow the simple instructions and craft a pin board by yourself where you can attach your business cards and other important notes.

DIY Pin board – what materials do you need

DIY pin board with frame detail


DIY Pin board – this is an easy craft idea and you will need the following materials: a frame with hardboard material 5 cm wider than the hardboard, a colorful elastic band, different buttons with holes, knitting yarn and a needle, staple gun, needle and cotton wool twice as large as the hardboard.

DIY Pin board – step one

pin board do it yourself with frame base

The first step for crafting a DIY Pin board is to cut the batting. Cut two pieces that are the same size as the hardboard. Then cut the fabric to be exactly 5 cm wider than the hardboard.

Step two

do it yourself corkboard with frame fabric patterns

Attach the fabric using the stapler on the hardboard. Tack the fabric on the back side of the plate and tighten it as good as you can so that there are no wrinkles.

Step three

do it yourself pin board with frame crossing


Then it’s time for the elastic bands. You can select the bands in all sorts of colors, depending on the pattern and the color of the material. Start with two bands on the corners of the board, so that they cross at the center.

Step four

DIY-pin-board-frame attach

The next step is fastening the bands. Use pins and attach the bands 10 cm from each other. It will establish a pattern with a diamond shape.

Step five

DIY-pin-board-frame tacker

Once you have stretched the elastic straps, secure them to the edge of the hardboard using a stapler, so the structure is very stable.

Step six

DIY-pin-board-with-frame diamond shape

DIY-pin-board-with frame button sew


The pin board that you crafted can serve as a decoration. Therefore it is important to decorate it a bit with decorative elements. Use buttons of different size and color. Sew them to the points of intersection of the elastic bands.

Step seven


The last step is to put in the frame and … voila! You can insert your business cards and any notes between the elastic bands. Check out other creative DIY Pin board ideas in our picture gallery.




homemade-pin-board-ideas floral fabric upholstered


gray monochrome homemade-pin-board

do it yourself corkboard with frame pieces of jewelery green

DIY-pin-board-with frame baroque style blue


DIY-corkboard-with frame vintage style




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