35 button crafts beautiful ideas for creative home decoration

by Kremy

creative crafts ideas buttons crafts cool DIY projects

The button crafts ideas with are fun for adults and children. Small or large colorful vintage buttons – you can decorate your home with everything. The craft ideas with buttons are perfect if you want to have a unique style in your home. Here you’ll find 35 cool craft ideas that you can easily make at home by yourself. And do not be afraid to mix the colors.

button craft ideas DIY flower crafts colorful buttons


This sweet bouquet is a beautiful gift or decoration for your home. Even the children can help when crafting it. Drag wire through one hole in the button and then through the other hole. Do this for each hole. Wrap the wires around each other flowers to connect the buttons and make the stalks. Check out some other button crafts below.

Craft ideas decorating with buttons curtains

Are you tired of your plain curtains? With a little fabric glue and some colorful buttons you would add a nice accent.

DIY craft ideas with buttons magnet memory board

Button craft ideas are an easy way for children to show their personality on the memo boards or lockers. Make sure that you have bought powerful magnets that can hold the weight of the buttons.

DIY jewelry box with buttons decorating crafts

Girls love their jewelry boxes and treasure chests. If you stick buttons in a funny shape on the top of the box, you would give the old box a new appearance. Two layers of buttons give texture and depth.

decorative pillows buttons green tree DIY ideas

A simple pillow can be easily transformed with imagination and buttons. Sew buttons on the pillow in a creative design and tie a loop.

Craft ideas with buttons pastel flowers mirror frame

Turn a plain wooden mirror in a designer piece. Let your child paint the frame and paste it with a layer of buttons. Fill empty spaces with smaller buttons for a perfect look.

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button crafts ideas creative craft ideas DIY gift ideas

cool button crafts ideas decorative pillow DIY sofa pillows

creative button craft ideas mothers day gift ideas

Button crafts baby photo frame

mother of pearl buttons shell craft stick

lampshade of buttons and white thread

golden buttons DIY wreath door decoration

 tray bottom

 vintage globe

 mantel decoration picture

vase photo frame


Craft ideas decorating with buttons mother of pearl gray pillows

children photo frames

 mantel decoration

 thumbtacks calendar panel

A lampshade with black buttons

 elegant lampshade decoration

Craft ideas home decoration curtain idea

napkin rings of buttons craft ideas

glass vase decorated with buttons

 door curtain project

door wreath red white

DIY gift ideas flowerpot buttons wire

 mini flower pot faux flowers

Decorating ideas vase flower filled with buttons

DIY Ideas with buttonsbowl glued buttons

button crafts bouquet

 flower vase manual




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