Creative bedroom wall decoration ideas – trendy colors and designs

by Kremy

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We can help you with some bedroom wall decoration ideas  and tips how you can combine furniture and home decorative accessories.

Bedroom sloping roof and blue wall poster bed


In contrast to the other rooms, bedroom wall decoration ideas should put a touch of subtlety and calm above all. This effect can be reached with the right choice of wall colors and wall decoration. Dark shades swallow the light and make the room look smaller. Bright colors can make the bedroom seem sterile. Our tip – tasteful color combinations can make the room look more homey. But what colors are suitable for this private area? Brown is a color that has a calming effect. Because the color is dark, you can paint only one wall in brown, and decorate with pictures. The remaining walls you can paint in beige. Blue, whether light or dark, can soothe. People who suffer from insomnia or migraines can decorate their room in dark blue and white. Orange can work cheerfully, and is well suited for energetic natures. White can visually enlarge the room, but can also look sterile. In order to avoid this, you can set up the bedroom with dark wooden furniture. Yellow and green have an invigorating effect.

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If you want to refresh the design of the room, some fresh bedroom wall decorations ideas with wallpapers may be of help. Wallpaper may be decorated with patterns – in any case you’d better choose small patterns with flowers, plants or other forms of nature. Paintings are the most beautiful decoration on the walls – find inspiration at the flea market, or experiment with modern art. Several paintings can set the tone and are the only decoration that the bedroom needs. We have different color combinations and  options chosen for you, which can act as inspiration!

Bedroom ideas white wallpaper blue wall

blue bed and turquoise color decoration ideas stripes

Pastel colors ideas beige blue

 ideas chocolate brown

light beige wall painting poster bed

brown white bedroom ideas bed headboard

Feng Shui ideas green white

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pink color light ceiling girl room

orange color ideas

Bed wardrobe white walls modern interior design



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