Creating a rock garden design and planting it – ideas for gardeners

by Kremy

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Rocks look attractive in any open area. Particularly striking they are in smaller areas on the hillside. If you want to create a rock garden design and plant it, you could be inspired by the following ideas and images.

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Rock garden designs can be easily arranged with planning. They are very different depending on the size, number of stones, design fashion and materials. Popular option are the Japanese and the alpine gardens. Creating a rock garden has many benefits. On one hand, the stones are fairly easy to care for, on the other hand they can be easily and simply transformed. In a small garden rocks give the impression of a large landscape, which is supported by lush vegetation. A calming effect is achieved with eye-catching larger stones.

Vintage accessories

Rocks turn any outdoor space into an idyllic open-air oasis where you can relax. A rock garden layout may include lots of plants and decorative elements, combined with a water fountain or a pond. However, without this the outdoor area can also look quite cozy. At first you should make a plan. People who do not like flowers growing between the stones should install a root-proof film.

Stone design and plants

If you want to create a beatiful rock garden, you can plant several suitable flowers. For a spring to autumn bloom slow-growing perennials, succulents and grasses are suitable. Any other plant species are Armeria, Gentiana, Houseleek (Sempervivum), moss, primroses, low shrubs, ferns and colorful subshrubs – lavender and Russian sage (suitable for sunnier places) etc.

Alpine Garden Planning

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Pink flowers Moss Stone beautiful sunny garden

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Plant species suitable

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